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Would you like to work as a teacher in Canada? Here we will tell you how you can achieve that dream.

Canada presents us with a country where large and small cities complement each other perfectly with a nature that is as imposing as it is varied. 

Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, … are some of its main population centres, and in the case of the former located in a region that lives between English and French, both official languages.


If you are nature lovers, the national parks of Jasper, Montmorency, Banff, … and of course, the internationally famous Niagara Falls, could be elements that can motivate you, even more, to choose this destination to search for a job.

Visas to work in Canada

Be that as it may, it will be necessary to apply for a visa to work in Canada. The first step will be the documentation offered by the company that wants to hire you and once this is done, you will have to contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Professional Training (HRSDC). 

It will be then when the process to obtain the social security number (SIN) begins.

Requirements for Teaching jobs in Canada

A bachelor’s degree in Education and a provincial certificate are the basic requirements for teaching jobs in Canada.

Obtaining the required certification can be a sluggish process, so our recommendation is for you to begin the process before your arrival in Canada if possible.

Other factors which are considered to evaluate a candidates eligibility for teaching jobs in Canada are:

  • Recent experience in Teaching.
  • Language proficiency in English or French.
  • Familiarity with the curriculum and culture of the Canadian education system
  • Fitness to teach, which includes character reference and a clean criminal record after checks.

Supervised student teaching may also be required. For secondary teaching jobs in Canada, our recommendation is to complete your major in a teachable subject and minor in another teachable subject. These can include languages, sciences, social studies, and business.

Wages of teachers in Canada?

Given how geographically huge Canada as a country is and the political power held by each province, it would be somehow misleading to give an exact figure of an average salary for teaching jobs across Canada.

Nevertheless, several pieces of research online have shown a base salary range across Canada from as low as $42,000 CAD to as high as $97,000 CAD with bonuses ranging from $2,000 CAD to $13,000 CAD.

A lot was put into factor these figures such as years of experience, location, and much more.

International Schools where you can find teaching jobs

Here we bring you a list of the main international schools where we can find work as a teacher in Canada, we hope they will be of great help to you:

  • Stanstead College: independent school located in the Quebec area, having been born in 1872. They offer a complete preparation for pre-university students who want to receive international training, regardless of the career to be developed.
  • Appleby College: Established in 1911 in Oakville, Ontario, with an objective to train the youths of today into becoming the leaders of tomorrow. They provide a vision of excellence and global responsibility becoming fundamental pillars, always seeking the best improvement both social and personal.
  • Toronto French School: born in 1962, this bilingual school (English and French). This college has an objective of training minds with an international perspective, it has campuses in Toronto and Mississauga. It has a complete training program that prepares young people for today’s world.
  • Dwight School Canada: part of an international network of schools that we can find all over the world. It has exchange programs and collaborations, has been teaching for more than 140 years, with which experience in the educational world and prestige are some of its great assets.
  • Columbia International College: an international school that has been offering its training programs since 1978, it is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It houses students from over 70 different nationalities, and this highlights the global qualities of both the center and its educational perspective.
  • Collége International Marie de France: A private French school located in Montreal, the institution was founded in 1939 with a secular education perspective. It focuses on French as the cultural center line of the center, and so therefore the command of this language will be fundamental.
  • Pearson College UWC: Founded in 1962, today it is part of a network of 20 international schools around the world. They desire to acheive the unity of people, nations and cultures through quality education. A way to achieve a peaceful world with a sustainable future, something that shows the values ​​on which it is based.
  • Bishop College School: created in 1836, we find it in Lennoxville, in the Quebec region. The students of this institution receive complete and up to standard training, always with international perspectives. This is a center that frequently have vacancies, so it is always a great option to get a job as a teacher in Canada.
  • The York School: This school, located in Toronto, was born in 1965 as a nursing school. Today it provides different programs from kindergarten to university preparation, with English being the center’s major language.
  • Calgary French and International School: Located in Calgary, Alberta, it was founded in 1969. They offer programs in three main languages: English, French and Spanish. The training option of this last point gives native speakers of Spanish an advantage over other centers where they focus on training in other languages.
  • Lycée Français: located in Toronto, in addition to the usual training they offer DELE (Spanish), ZD (German), CILS (Italian) and HSK (Mandarin Chinese) degrees. It is important to note that French is a fundamental language for this school.
  • Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute: Born in 1994, she is located in Ontario, the primary language of the school being English. Its ethical pillars are largely centered on the declaration of human rights, which gives an idea of ​​the philosophy of the center.
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT): Founded in 1962, it is located in Alberta and its programs offer a wide range of specialties. The employment section offers both available vacancies and relevant information that will be very useful to us.

Is teaching in demand in Canada in 2021?

You may have detected a trend there but like many other things in Canada, this is a very province-specific question.

Nevertheless, recent reports from the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada have shown that career opportunities for teaching positions in Canada range from good to limited and this is dependent on the province that you want to teach in.

For example, if you wish to teach in Vancouver or the Northwest Territories then you have a great chance of finding work, but this is less likely if London, Ontario is your chosen location.

Irrespective of all those, the reality is that teaching in Canada is an excellent career choice and is worth the effort if it is what you wish to do.

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