27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Dalton (GA)

There’s no better way to enjoy the best and most fun things to do in Dalton than with a heart that goes to Dalton with anticipation for fun.

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Dalton is the county seat of Whitfield County in northern Georgia, on the border with Tennessee.

Like many cities in the southeastern United States, Dalton developed around a railroad station in the first half of the 18th century.

This followed the forced removal of the Cherokee and Creek Indians who had occupied the land.
Dalton then had to endure two battles during the Civil War.

As a result, it has more Civil War relics than anywhere else in the country to complement its cultural and natural attractions.

Here are some of the best things to do in and around Dalton, Georgia.

Fun Things to Do in Dalton

1. George W Disney Trail

Fun Things to Do in Dalton
Fun Things to do in Dalton

Another relic of Dalton’s involvement in the American Civil War, the George W Disney Trail is a hiking trail that primarily ascends the side of Rocky Face Mountain.

Site of the First Battle of the Atlanta Campaign, May 8–10, 1864, the trail ends at the grave of Confederate soldier George Disney.

The nearly lost burial ground was accidentally rediscovered in 1912 by a local boy and his scout, and the marble stone seen today was installed.

The trail is just under four kilometers long but can feel even longer due to the rugged terrain, especially in the heat of summer.

2. Brant House

Fun Things to do in Dalton

Brant House’s elegant, clean white façade is a fitting homage to one of Dalton’s oldest homes.

Built in the 1840s, this building was the home of Ainsworth Emery Blunt, the town’s first mayor, and postmaster.

It was used as a Union field hospital during the Civil War and was occupied by Confederate forces until the Blount family was allowed to return there.

The house contains many of the family’s original furnishings and personal belongings, from a library of books to antique kitchen utensils, offering a glimpse into life in the South.

3. Dalton Ghost Tour

Fun Things to do in Dalton

But as the Dalton Ghost Tour proves, Dalton’s history isn’t just about museum walls and fascinating historic buildings.

These 90-minute walking tours aim to discover the unusual stories surrounding this city.

Beginning in the heart of downtown Dalton, the expert guides, lead tour participants into haunting ghost stories throughout the city.

Things to Do in Dalton at Night

1. Dalton Distillery

Fun Things to do in Dalton

This small distillery started as a family hobby and remains a family business to this day.

Unlike most distilleries that use grain, many spirits produced here are distilled from sunflower seeds. This means that the beverages coming out of the Dalton Distillery production line have a distinct flavor profile that is slightly nutty.

But it all started with Cohn’s whiskey recipe, which dates back five generations.

Dalton Distillery is the only facility that grinds its own grains and seeds and purchases them from Georgia farmers.

Come here to taste a wide variety of spirits.

2. Road Trips

Fun Things to do in Dalton

If you’re road-tripping the US, there are a few road trips to watch out for in Dalton.

The Old Federal Road Drive Tour is named after the first motorized route in Northwest Georgia.

This street has become closely associated with many of Georgia’s most important events. This includes the forced displacement of Native Americans by the Trail of Tears and the Civil War battles in the Atlanta Campaign.

Alternatively, the Blue and Gray Trail runs from Chattanooga to Atlanta, connecting many of the most important sites, museums, and battlefields of the Atlanta Campaign.

3. Hamilton House

Fun Things to do in Dalton

Hamilton House is a charming-looking brick house built around 1841 with a Greek Revival-style portico projecting from the main façade.

Known as Dalton’s oldest home, is now a local history museum.

Things to Do in Dalton for Couples

1. Dalton Falls Fun Center

Fun Things to do in Dalton

The Dalton Falls Fun Center attraction is the place to go for a little entertainment.

This place offers a variety of activities, including a 27-hole miniature golf course with waterfalls and ponds.

The soccer field is an outdoor laser tag spot, and the center also has bumper cars for kids and adults alike.

And if all these activities work up your appetite, you can also enjoy hand-dipped ice cream sold on-site.

2. Konasauga River

Fun Things to do in Dalton

About 90 species of fish live in the 150 kilometer Konasauga River in the northwestern corner of Georgia.

The relatively secluded and pristine coast can be reached by car or on foot via various hiking trails.

Rainbow trout, other fish, and everything from white-tailed deer to black bears; two canoes on the water. Thanks to his ramps, the area can be explored independently. This is another way to discover all the attractions in the area.

The closest is the Dalton Utility Canoe Launch, just a few miles from downtown Dalton.

3. Historic Site Pratermuhle

Fun Things to do in Dalton

There are two reasons to visit the historic site Pratermuhle. The first is to tour the flour mill he built in 1855 on the banks of Koafra Creek.

Second, it serves as the starting point for the Kohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway, a driving route of approximately 80 kilometers.

The factory site has become a popular destination for those looking for a picnic spot in a charming setting and is well known to those who enjoy fishing and fishing.

Praters Mill Historic Site is about a 20-minute drive north of downtown Dalton.

Things to Do in Dalton for Kids

1. Western and Atlantic Rail Station

Fun Things to do in Dalton

This station was built in 1852 and dates back to Dalton’s early days.

The city’s oldest functioning commercial building was constructed using elements of the Greek Revival style of the time.

This depot was one of the sites involved in Unionist raids known as the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War.

A nearby freight yard built for the Southern Railroad Company is home to the town’s Visitor Center, a museum that delves into the world of the railroad and the region’s Civil War history.

Depot Along his track, fans can also spot his 1949 Pullman car.

2. Creative Arts Guild

Fun Things to do in Dalton

Considered to be Georgia’s oldest arts organization, the Creative Arts Guild regularly hosts art exhibitions in its gallery space.

Its gardens also feature a series of sculptures by local and regional artists, showing the finest art of the moment.

Jonas Hall regularly hosts musical performances and concerts as part of the Guild Hall complex.

There is also a gym with equipment such as parallel bars and vaults used for classes and parkour (free running) events.

So even if you spend less time in Dalton, it’s worth looking into the possible activities going on in the guild.

3. Doug Gap Battle Park

Located at Doug Gap Mountain, this battle park, is one of Dalton’s Civil War relics. Its natural surroundings are reminiscent of the devastation of war.

Scenes of a large battle include the remains of a parapet that soldiers built further south while Union forces were advancing toward Atlanta.

The ridge atop Doug Gap Battle Park, overlooking Dalton from the western end, was used as a defensive line capable of holding off a Unionist force of just a few hundred.

Upon reaching Ridge, visitors can get a great view of this part of North Georgia and the walls built as part of its defenses.

Indoor Activities to Do in Dalton

1. Hunter Museum of American Art

The Hunter Museum of American Art is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, about 30 miles northwest of Dalton.

His collection focuses on various American art styles, including the 19th-century Hudson School and his early 20th-century Early Modernism.

2. Visit the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society

The Whitfield-Murray Historical Society was founded in the late 1950s and has done an excellent job of preserving and promoting historic buildings.

It plays an important role in telling the history of the textile industry in this region. It also preserves valuable documents, photographs, research materials, local records, and old books.

Visit historic buildings curated by the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society when deciding what to do in Dalton, Georgia.

Visit all the buildings and learn about their history.

3. Collect Vintage Antiques and Collectibles Items on Your to-do list

The Vintage Shop is a great place to pick up souvenirs from your trip.

Stop by Bucket List Antique & Collectibles to explore our extensive collection of rare and unique items. Most of the time, you can find these in good condition at great prices.

The Bucket List Antiques & Collectibles location has become a major Dalton attraction. Many people come to the store in search of vintage beauty.

You can scan the store and grab a coffee at a nearby cafe.

Romantic Things to Do in Dalton

1. Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail

Outside downtown Dalton, the Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Trail is another way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Includes 7 separate routes for mountain bikers of all ages and abilities.

There is a 3 kilometer “Bear Trail” for beginners and three courses of different lengths for advanced riders.

There are three trails for advanced mountain bikers. All seven meander through the forests and rolling hills of the area and are well-marked.

In addition to mountain biking, the trail welcomes hikers and runners who want the same comfortable space.

2. 2nd Haig Mill Lake Park

Dalton has plenty of great outdoor spaces, but no list of the top most amazing things to do in Dalton would be complete without mentioning Haig Mill Lake Park.

A panorama of leaves, the park is centered around a lake with more than eight kilometers of designated hiking trails along its shores.

Fishing is welcome in the waters of Lake. Paddlers can rent canoes and kayaks to take advantage of this smooth water.

Theatre geeks, book your tickets at the Dalton Little Theater. The first recorded performance at the Dalton Little Theater was in 1869.

The theatre has produced some outstanding performers and hosted popular shows. Located on the fun side of town, it’s a great place for theatre fans.

This theater regularly hosts musicals, plays, and other programs.

When in town, check the timetable and book your ticket. The overall atmosphere of the venue can put you in a good mood.

3. Visit Dalton’s Paradise of Knowledge: Bundy Heritage Center

The Bundy Heritage Center has developed a unique identity since its inception in 2008. This heritage center works tirelessly to preserve northwestern Georgia’s cultural and historical heritage.

A central point for gathering knowledge about the place.

The Native American Exhibit showcases artifacts from the early 1830s and Mississippian culture. The Pioneer Culture section focuses on the early settlements of the 18th and 19th-century Appalachian and Northwest Georgia cultures.

Other exhibits at the Heritage Center include the Civil War, the textile industry, and modern Georgia.

Cheap Things to Do in Dalton

1. Lake Winnie Amusement Park

Lake Winnie Amusement Park is a 30-minute drive from Dalton City.

This fun welcomes people of all ages and offers exciting age-appropriate rides and activities.

The biggest advantage of amusement parks is that you can get the most out of them with regular discounts and coupons.

Kids Corner offers safe rides for your little ones to enjoy. You can go to the adult zone to make the most of your time here.

The best part of the park is the SOAkya Water Park. The water park has additional adventure rides that guarantee maximum thrills.

2. Contemporary Art Centre

The Creative Arts Guild’s interdisciplinary community has a long history. This community was founded in 1963.

From the beginning, the guild offered dance, music, art, and theatre classes to hone the skills of several local artists.

Now the Guild continues to offer classes and train young minds. Visitors can book tickets to attend musical performances, theatre performances, or concerts.

There’s always a chance to catch an event-filled show or activity in Dalton, Georgia

Free Things to Do in Dalton

1. Evening at Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Company

Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Company has combined the best beer and pizza. They have ensured that the legacy of this great combination continues in the energetic restaurant.

The music just adds to the overall mood and makes for a good time with friends. Arranged in the wind. 24 beer taps offer local, craft, specialty, and traditional imported beers.

Enjoy a glass of beer and a freshly baked homemade pizza. You can sample fresh salads, appetizers, and desserts before deciding what to do in Dalton, Georgia.

2. Cyra’s Simple Goodness

The desire to offer something different from what already existed led him to create Cyra’s Simple Goodness in 2016.

The owner has tried to provide an authentic product free of antibiotics, euro butter, emulsifiers, margarine, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and precooked foods found in meat.

Cyra’s offers quality cuisine in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Recipes are authentically prepared with all-natural ingredients such as pure cheese, pure pink Himalayan salt, cage-free organic eggs, and real vanilla beans from Madagascar.

You can only taste the real goodness.

3. Heritage Point Regional Park

The park covers 300 acres and has several softball fields. The park features soccer fields, picnic areas, and a grassy soccer field, and there are things to do this weekend in Dalton, Georgia.

This trail is perfect for a quiet evening walk or an intense morning run. You should plan brunch here with your family.

Everyone who has ever visited the heritage par, loved the green space to relax after other activities.

A highlight of the park is that four-legged mates are allowed. You can take your hand off the dog to let it zoom in and out.

So it’s a win-win situation for you and your pet.

Cool Places to Visit in Dalton

1. Explore Mount Rachel’s Hiking and Biking Trail with Friends

The 1.6-mile Mount Rachel Hiking and Biking Trail is a tourist hotspot. People from nearby suburbs flock to the trail for recreational activities in Dalton, Georgia.

The trails are safe for riders of all levels and offer some of Dalton’s best views.

The highlight of Mount Rachel is the picnic area. This is a good option for cyclists to come with their families and relax after cycling.

Toilets and shaded areas are a bonus for visitors. Free parking is also available for trailer owners.

2. See a Musical Performance at the Bar

Performing Arts Park Regarded as Dalton’s crown jewel, This Performing Arts Park is designed to host entertaining and cultural events.

Since its founding, many people have visited from inside and outside the prefecture.

This park is always reserved for fun activities in Dalton, Georgia.

Visit the park’s official website for the latest events, then head downtown.

Liven up at the concert and enjoy delicious food and cool treats available nearby

3. Catch up with a workout at Brookwood Park

It can be difficult to keep up with your workout schedule while on vacation. But don’t worry, Dalton has several parks with recreational facilities.

Brookwood Park is the perfect place for a low-intensity workout. The park has a jogging trail.

Work up a sweat on the pickleball court and rest in the designated rest areas. You can bring your children to play in the designated playground.

The park has enough green space to disconnect you from the city and plenty of things to do in Dalton, GA.

4. Visit Dave & Pauli’s Art Emporium to Learn About Local Art.

David and Pauline describe the place as a creative space and art studio with an art gallery showcasing contemporary art.

They aim to showcase the work of local arthritis workers, photographers, painters, and craftsmen.
Regional art forms give the studio’s art gallery the tribute it deserves.

By appointment, you can visit Dave & Pauli’s Art Emporium on Wednesdays or weekends. Special exhibitions are also held during the festival period.


Visiting Dalton is an experience that you should not trade for any other. If you’ve got some free time, you should hit the road for some unforgettable Dalton experience.

Be ready to be blown away by the interesting art, enchanting nightlife, and exhilarating romance.

There’s also something for your four-legged friend and more interesting things for your kids. There’s literally something in Dalton for everyone.

We hope you find the fun things to do in Dalton as interesting as all the other people who have been to Dalton.

Cheers to fun!

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