27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Morganton (NC)

Wouldn’t it be best if you figured out the best things to do in Morganton (NC) before heading out on your vacation to this city?

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Formally named Morgans Borough in honor of General Daniel Morgan, an American Revolutionary War hero, Morganton offers a unique mix of beautiful attractions that provide opportunities for both fun and relaxation.

Morganton has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation; there are many things to do and several places to visit.

Already excited? Get your bucket list full of the very best things to do in Morganton (NC) while on your trip:

Fun Things to Do in Morganton (NC)

1. Go Pump Some Blood at Bigfoot Climbing Gym

Bigfoot Climbing Gym is an excellent venue that caters to all types of climbers and offers a unique and complete climbing experience.

If you are interested in bouldering or climbing, Bigfoot offers amazing courses.

Bigfoot Climbing Gym has exciting climbing angles that are fun for the whole family.

You will love the giant structures, different routes, and challenging route settings.

You can also take your kids here to celebrate their birthdays, as Bigfoot also hosts tours and parties that can best be described as “mountaintop” fun!

2. Go for a Horse Ride at Mimosa Hills Farm

Mimosa Hills Farm offers horseback riding and riding lessons, sales, summer horse camps, events, catering, birthday parties, and farm tours.

This wonderful horse ranch offers everything you need for an unforgettable riding holiday.

At the farm, you will find incredible horses and dedicated members of the Appalachian State University Western Equestrian Team.

The farm is also home to many other up-and-coming stars who have put on a number of graded shows, including hunters and jumpers.

3. Flex Your Muscles at Freedom Park

For an amazing day in Morganton, visit Freedom Park, a thirty-acre park located adjacent to Freedom High School.

Freedom Park was established in 1983; since then, it has become a popular attraction for many families with children.

It features a one-mile lighted walking track perfect for short walks alone or with your pet; two multifunctional playgrounds are available for the little ones.

Freedom Park has plenty of sports facilities, including six lighted tennis courts, soccer fields, sand volleyball courts, two basketball courts, and a lighted softball field.

There is also a designated picnic area in the park with about four family picnic shelters with barbecue areas that are perfect for gatherings and gatherings.

Freedom Park has handicap-accessible bathrooms coupled with well-maintained facilities and surroundings.

Things to Do in Morganton (NC) at Night

1. Grab a Beer at Catawba Brewing Company

One area in North Carolina that has been on the rise in recent years and is starting to win over locals and visitors alike is the locally-produced craft beer.

One of the best craft beers is brewed here in Morganton by Catawba Brewing Company.

Catawba’s development can be traced back two decades, led by the Pyatt brothers – Billy and Scott – who came up with the idea of ​​starting a brewery in their garage.

In honor of their roots on the Catawba River, they named their brand Catawba Brewing Company.

2. Chill With Friends at Fonta Flora Brewery

Fonta Flora Brewery is a brewery known for brewing some of the best beers in the city, making it a popular destination for many locals and tourists alike.

Seasonal and colorful fruits and vegetables used in production enhance the quality of each product.

Some of the beers include Strawberry Saison, Unusual Frequency, Legume Groundystout, Maple Bark Sparkling Water, even Wolf Saliva, High as a Dove, Equinox, Everything Changed, and much more.

Don’t come hoping to get food; the Fonta Flora brewery does not offer food, only good drinks and a lively atmosphere.

3. Taste Some Good Wines at Perry’s Berry’s Vineyard & Winery

When you’re in the mood to have fun with your friends and family in Morganton, there’s no better place than Perry’s Berry’s Vineyard & Winery.

Perry’s Berry’s Vineyard & Winery offers you a unique outdoor experience with your family by providing you with the best blueberries in the entire foothills.

There are more than two thousand eight hundred plants to choose from; blueberries are available from late June to early August, while pumpkins are available the 3rd week in September and October.

Perry’s Berry’s Vineyard & Winery offers an impressive selection of delicious wines made from their fruit.

They also offer amazing blueberry ice cream, charcuterie, cheeses, and crackers.

The staff is super friendly and nice, always looking after the needs of their visitors.

Things to Do in Morganton (NC) For Couples

1. Visit Apple Hill Orchard & Cider Mill

This is one of several orchards that offer amazing, choose-your-own experiences.

Apple Hill Orchard & Cider Mill is best known for its delicious apples and peaches. It is still going strong despite the new technology that has come along.

In the early 2000s, they expanded some crops until they offered pick-your-own apples that same year.

It wasn’t long before they opened their farmers market to guests to shop year-round! It’s hard to resist sampling some while you’re here.

They also have a bakery that sells delicious cakes, bread, and other goodies!

2. Go on a Spree at Morganton Farmers Market

Located on Beach Street in Morganton, the Morganton Farmers Market has plenty to offer shoppers, including fresh organic vegetables, flowers, herbs, and home goods such as soaps, breadcrumbs, goat milk products, blended oils, lotions, and more.

It’s also a great place to buy unique gifts for people back home – handmade jewelry, pottery, or other craft items.

There is a wonderful coffee kiosk, and you can enjoy live music while browsing the various goods on display.

Don’t forget to bring cash, as many of these vendors only accept cash at their booths.

3. Grab a Meal at Mountain Burrito LLC

Mountain Burrito offers authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients for healthy meals.

Mountain Burrito offers a wide variety of dishes, including nachos, taco salad, naked burrito, roast pork, salsas, jalapenos, sunny side up, and more.

The food served is delicious, with all menu items under $10; the restaurant is beautifully decorated and creates a calm atmosphere for greater comfort.

Do well to stop by with your traveling companions and sample some of their amazing dishes.

Things to Do in Morganton (NC) For Kids

1. Take Them to Catawba Meadows Park

As a masterpiece of the city of Morganton, Catawba Meadows Park is located where a lush green path meets the flowing river.

Whether you want to play soccer, golf, softball, volleyball, or baseball, they have facilities available along with 2 miles of walking space.

Children will love it here as there is a great playground with so many different things to do.

They can swing on swings, climb ladders, balance along small rock faces, find their way down slides, and more.

2. Let Them Play at Beanstalk Ziplines

With Beanstalk Ziplines, every day is an adventure.

Beanstalk Ziplines offers plenty of fun, from cable cars that soar above the forest canopy to abseiling towers that let you test your inner daredevil.

They have five interconnected swinging suspension bridges 35 feet above the ground that allow you to bounce in the breeze across a huge area in the forest.

If you’re feeling sporty, tap into your inner marine as you abseil like a commando that lowers you safely to the ground.

At the Beanstalk Zipline, take the kids up their 40+ climbing tower where they can find their inner spider skills.

If you choose, even try the QUICKjump, where you can jump from our 40-foot tree house!

If you’re looking for more outdoor activities, the Beanstalk playground also has hammocks and low ropes courses.

3. Visit Bethel Park

Bethel Park is a popular park mostly because of its beauty and liveliness of the park.

The park offers soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, a well-paved circular walking trail, an 18-hole disc golf course, a dog park, and more.

For the little ones, there is a playground with play equipment, such as swings, slides, etc., for them to explore and have fun.

Bethel Park is great for large gatherings and hosts exciting events for children.

Indoor Activities to Do in Morganton (NC) For Adults

1. Don’t Miss a Performance at COMMA Performing Arts Center

COMMA Performing Arts Center was founded on November 5, 1986; COMMA stands for The City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium.

If you like wild entertainment, one of the best things to do in Morganton is to visit the COMMA Performing Arts Center.

This entertainment hub is home to various live performances throughout the year, open to locals and tourists.

COMMA Performing Arts Center hosts community events, Broadway tours, dance shows, music concerts, dramas, and more.

The theater is clean and reasonably maintained, equipped with a large stage, comfortable seats, and a great sound system.

It is home to a permanent artwork by Benjamin Long (fresco painter) entitled “The Sacred Dance and the Muses.”

2. Unleash Your Creative Side at West Union Art Studios

West Union Art Studios is a group studio built to serve as an artistic workspace for over a dozen local artists.

The studio’s primary purpose is to showcase and sell the amazing artwork of many local artists, thereby promoting art in the city.

The West Union Art studios are open to anyone who would like to stop by, view the studios, and ask questions.

You will also get the chance to watch artists paint or make ceramics; pets are also allowed.

3. Go Shopping at Back Porch Antiques

Located on Carbon City Road in Morganton, Back Porch Antiques is dedicated to selling antiques, primitive, vintage, retro-inspired furniture, and more.

They carry a variety of items in and out, split between two store levels.

The place has stalls open for consignments and displays items in cabinets, each with a lock to prevent theft, giving the whole environment a friendly atmosphere.

Back Porch Antiques also has a snack bar where guests can enjoy refreshments from classic water-cooled Coca-Cola machines.

Located on Carbon City Road in Morganton, Back Porch Antiques is dedicated to selling antiques, primitive, vintage, retro-inspired furniture, and more.

They carry a variety of items in and out, split between two store levels.

The place has stalls open for consignments and displays items in cabinets, each with a lock to prevent theft, giving the whole environment a friendly atmosphere.

Back Porch Antiques also has a snack bar where guests can enjoy refreshments from classic water-cooled Coca-Cola machines.

Romantic Things to Do in Morganton (NC)

1. Go on a Winetasting Tour at Silver Fork Winery

When choosing which bottle to buy (they’re all pretty good), you won’t regret trying one of their dry red blends or crisp white varieties.

You must try Silver Fork Winery’s Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

It is located on Patton Road in Morganton; Silver Fork Winery is also an ideal location for corporate meetings and special events.

2. Visit Hamilton Williams Gallery & Studio

Another great thing to do in Morganton (NC) is to visit the Hamilton Williams Gallery & Studio for unique handmade Hamilton Williams ceramics.

Since graduating in 1994, Hamilton Williams has been handcrafting contemporary ceramic pieces focusing on form and function and their surfaces and glazes.

Over the years, work with porcelain and earthenware developed into separate collections.

Located in the picturesque town of Morganton among the Blue Ridge Mountains, his studio is smack dab in the middle of the city – easily recognizable by its glass doors framed by bold redwood.

3. Grab a Meal at Abele’s Family Restaurant

Located in downtown Morganton, Abele’s Family Restaurant has a unique and welcoming decor that will make everyone feel at home.

In the spirit of tradition, Abele’s banquet table is nostalgic as it brings back old memories of simpler times from the last century without sacrificing the refined elegance that will suit today’s tastes.

Their dining counter offers eight stools for all guests who would prefer to sit down for dinner during regular hours.

They also have an outdoor terrace with additional seating.

There are things in the restaurant that is perfect for your kids too!

Free Things to Do in Morganton (NC)

1. Visit the Historic McDowell House

This ranks among the oldest standing buildings in North Carolina.

The house stands out for its combination of Federal-style architecture and vernacular elements.

In addition to being part of American history, The McDowell House is also an affordable tourist destination.

2. Explore Catawba River Greenway

One of Morganton’s famous green destinations is the Catawba River Greenway.

Here you will find excellent scenery and activities for all ages.

At just 6.8 kilometers long, this route is ideal for first-time runners looking to build endurance and confidence before embarking on longer journeys.

The out-and-back loop that the trail offers makes it a fairly straightforward loop.

If you are going to take your dog on one of the trails here, keep him on the lead at all times.

3. Participate in the Annual Waldensian Festival

This is a mirror celebration of the “glorious return.”

For the people of Valdes and other Waldensian communities around the world, it is a reminder of the arrival of the Waldenses to their native Kott Alps in Italy.

Cheap Things to Do in Morganton (NC)

1. Go Back in Time at the History Museum of Burke County

The Burke County Historical Museum began collecting and exhibiting rare history about the beautiful town of Morganton in 2003.

At the History Museum of Burke County, there are 10,000 square feet of free exhibition space covering two floors, which contains hundreds of artifacts displayed in open rooms.

Here it is old-fashioned learning with museum guides who interpret the exhibits for guests at their own pace.

Admission is always free, and they invite lovers of history to explore their little treasure trove.

2. Visit the Old Burke County Courthouse

The beautiful Old Burke County Courthouse sits at 102 E Union St, Morganton, North Carolina.

So many changes have been made to the Old Burke County Courthouse since its inception.

And if you visit in spring, you will enjoy the sweet scent of flowers in the memorial rose garden on the square.

Inside the courthouse also bring back memories for those who lived in colonial times, as it brings feelings of nostalgia as if you are traveling back in time, as they say.

3. Have a Snack at Las Salsas

Las Salsas is a family-owned Mexican restaurant known for serving delicious Mexican cuisine in Morganton.

Whether you are a fan of Mexican food or not, you must check out this place and try some of its dishes.

Las Salsas offers a wide variety of dishes, including Guacamole, Fajitas Nachos, Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla, Spicy Red Chicken Salad, Tortilla Soup, Cream of Adovada, Grilled Jalapeño Steak Carne Asada, Shredded Beef Tacos, Spicy Red Sauce Burrito, Chimichangas, Sandwiches and more.

The restaurant ensures that the food is well prepared, tasty, fresh, and healthy to eat.

Las Salsas staff are polite and nice when taking orders and creating a pleasant customer atmosphere.

Cool Places to Visit in Morganton (NC)

1. Boulevard Barbeque

Boulevard Barbeque is a family restaurant serving traditional Southern cuisine in Morganton.

This restaurant is known for producing delicious and well-prepared barbecue; every bite you take will tickle your taste buds.

Boulevard Barbeque offers a variety of sauces, such as Coastal Sauce, Lexington Sauce, Golden Mustard Sauce, Kansas City Sauce, and Bama Sauce.

They also serve smoked or fried wings, sandwiches, pulled pork, NC original burgers, Texas scoop, jumbo smoked drumsticks, crispy chicken cutlets, and corn fritters.

Boulevard Barbeque also offers delectable appetizers and desserts, including Smoked Nachos Grande, Mozzarella Sticks, Pork Skin and Pimento Cheese, Onion Rings, Homemade Cheesecake, Nanner Puddin’, and Mama’s Seasonal Sonker.

2. Fairfield Inn & Suites

It is a newer property, and the suites remind me of luxury Marriott properties in much larger cities.

Free breakfast and Wi-Fi are just some of the reasons we loved this hotel.

They also have a pool for cooling off after hot days in the area and some pretty comfortable rooms.

3. Henry River Mill Village

This is a small textile village, long abandoned.

It is an unaltered but now dilapidated example of an early cotton yarn factory.

Today, the remaining buildings of the mill village offer a glimpse back into the region’s industrial heritage.

This is the set of District 12 in the Hunger Games movies, with behind-the-scenes looks at Katniss’ house, the bakery where Peeta “threw burnt bread,” and the location where the coal mining explosion was filmed.

Visitors can book a historical tour or a Hunger Games fan tour.


Morganton is a beautiful city blessed with lots of fun attractions and exciting places to visit, from parks, galleries, restaurants, wineries, bars, museums, markets, and more.

So if you’re planning your international getaway here, explore our detailed list of things to do in Morganton (NC) for an unforgettable experience.

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