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Canadian Universities With High Acceptance Rate For International Students

There are a couple of universities with high acceptance rate for international students in Canada. There are many reasons why one would want to study in Canada. Canadian universities are highly reputable and prestigious. Therefore it comes as no surprise the competition amongst international students to get in.

Asides from the high level of knowledge one would gain, their flexible learning structure is one that endears to most international students as it enables one to learn and earn.

Students on campus at UBC. (Martin Dee/UBC)

However, Canadian universities are somewhat easier to get into when compared to getting into an American University. The reasons being that there are fewer people in Canada compared to the USA.

Hereafter, I would make a list of 10 Canadian Universities with the highest acceptance rate. It is important to note that the acceptance rate also varies according to programs even in the same university. The list below is not program-specific but an estimated general acceptance rate.

Top 10 Universities in Canada With High Acceptance Rate

The University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge comes in first on this list with its high acceptance rate of 93%. This Institution was founded in 1971 and offers about 150 programs with over 8,700 students.

Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University is the next on this list with an acceptance rate of 83% . This prestigious University is located in Ontario. It was established in the year 1911 and was named after Canada’s 7th prime minister. It boasts of about 19,500 students and offers 100 programs.

Lakehead University

Lakehead University follows closely on this list with the same acceptance rate of 83%. The institution was established in the year 1965  and has over 8,600 students. They currently have three campuses located in Ontario, Orillia and Thunder bay. Lakehead University houses the only internationally accredited business school in the whole of Northern Ontario and was also the first to include Licensing into their law program curriculum meaning that a law graduate from this university is automatically qualified to practice law.

Ryerson University

This Institution comes fourth on the list with its high acceptance rate of 80%. The University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and was established in the year 1948. They offer over a hundred programs and over the years their number of students has grown into an amazing 45,000.

Université de Montreal

The Université de Montreal comes in next on the list with an acceptance rate of 76%. It is a French-language university that was established in 1878 as a satellite campus of Université Larval. It is located on Mount Royal Northern slope. It boasts of 600 courses with a student population of over 67,400 students.

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph has an acceptance rate of 75%. The school is popularly known for its amazing arts and science programs and its venture into researches that will help sustain lives and rehabilitate the ecosystem. The institution has about 29,500 students and three campuses in Ridgetown, Toronto, and Guelph.

The University of New Brunswick

This institution has an acceptance rate of 74% and was established in the year 1785. It has about 11,400 students and offers a total of 75-degree programs.

Carleton University

Carleton University has an acceptance rate of 73% and was founded in the year 1942. The institution located in the capital of Ottawa is known as Canada’s capital university and was established to support veterans of world war 2. Presently, the University boasts of over 31,200. Students. They are popularly known for their formidable men’s basketball team bagging about 14 medals since the year 2003.

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan, a research-intensive university that has an acceptance rate of 72% and has been in existence since 1907. The institution is located in the heart of Saskatoon and has a population of 27,500 students.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

This Institution has an acceptance rate of 66% and was founded in 1925 in memory of those who fought and lost their lives in the first world war. It is the sole university in the province of Newfoundland. It offers 100-degree programs and has about 18,000 students.

This Universities listed above are however not the only universities with high acceptance rates but the top ten on the list. This should help international students in making their choice on which to apply for.

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