27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Florence Sc

Looking for the best and most fun things to do in Florence, SC? The best vacations can only be found in unusual places.

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Florence is one of the few tourist attractions in the world that has made this modern city a treasure trove.

History, culture, vegetation, topography, architecture, and the people of Florence combine to give the great city of Florence a spectacular setting.

This natural heritage is found in South Carolina, United States of America, and is named after several Wonderful names like Flo-town and magical city.

A trip to Florence will introduce a different rural lifestyle to the ancient South, a stress-free lifestyle.

In addition, visitors will not only be amazed at the abundance of natural gifts but will also be enthralled by the leisure activities, entertainment, and food offered by the newly renovated city of Florence.

The city of Florence offers many attractions to show off the city’s glory.

Why not take a look at some of the things you can do in Florence, South Carolina.

Fun Things To Do In Florence Sc

1. Check Out the Florence County Museum

The County Museum is considered Pee Dee’s main museum.

With a vibrant collection of exhibitions, studios, lectures, and family programs, it showcases an abundance of the cultural heritage of the region.

Other interesting collections include artifacts from Colonial times, the Civil War, and Native American times.

In addition to outstanding historical portraits, there are oil paintings and other works of art that represent some of South Africa’s finest artifacts.

The museum is also committed to providing a platform for contemporary art.

2. Tour the Florence Stockade Visitor Center

The Confederate States Military Prison was a military prison camp that existed from September 1864 to February 1865 during the American Civil War.

Also known as Florence Stockade or Stockade easily.

More than 18,000 soldiers were imprisoned here, and 2,800 died.

In 2008, the venue was opened to the public.

Currently, it is registered in the US National Register of Historic Places.

Provides a direct route that provides visitors with information about the stock.

3. Witness the Mars Bluff Atomic Bomb Impact Crater

This atomic hole is found in an unused trailer park.

The crater, which is an attractive focus area, has an interesting origin story.

Long story short, an atomic bomb was accidentally dropped on the garden of Mr. Gregg during the Cold War.

Because the bomb was missing, it did not explode, but it did explode.

Happily, no injuries were reported, and everyone was left with minor injuries.

Today, a small viewing area stands in its place, attracting bedbugs from all over the country.

Things To Do In Florence Sc At Night

1. Visit The Thieves Market

It is not a place where thieves come together to buy and sell.

In contrast, the thief market is a large market that can be described as a collection of ancient and vintage collectors and is located on Palmetto Street, Florence.

The market has a wide variety of unique and classic products on offer.

The Thief Market is one of the best in Arizona, including handmade gifts, clothing, furniture, and household items.

This market offers a different kind of adventure that sounds like a treasure hunt in the city.

It is open for business from 9 a.m to late evening every day, creating ample time for adventure lovers to dive in to discover the natural treasures among countless treasures.

However, the thieves’ market has an entry fee of $3 and free parking.

The marketplace is ready to spend your weekends looking for things you may need.

2. Beer Tasting at Seminar Brewery

Tasting beer and a variety of wines are among the best ways to end a stressful day of travel; Seminar Brewery offers the best beer-tasting experience in Florence.

They have a unique beer blend that complements the taste of everyone who tastes freshly brewed beer.

The bar also offers a variety of wine tasting sessions and a variety of different cuisines, both domestic and international, to make your experience stand out from the world.

Visitors to the Seminar Brewery can also enjoy a variety of fun games such as Jenga, cornhole, and other board games such as chess and check.

3. Visit Swamp Fox Cinemas

Seeing a movie at night could be a great experience, and in Florence, Sc, there are lots of cinemas available where locals and tourists can see the latest movies.

Swamp Fox Cinemas is one of the leading movie theaters that offer excellent services to its customers.

The cinema also offers its customers snacks and drinks before the movie begins to be shown.

The theater has a well-designed chair pattern that will give everyone a beautiful view of the hall and make movies in 3D.

Things To Do In Florence Sc For Couples

1. Make a Stop At YMCA

Exercise is a sure route to staying fit and happy and at the Florence Family YMCA, guests are given the excellent opportunity to have professional instructors deliver them during exercise sessions.

There are cardio equipment, free weights, and other exercise equipment that guests can use to improve their fitness.

The YMCA also offers group strength classes that include both physical activity and water exercise.

Visiting the YMCA is one of the most exciting things you can do in Florence, SC, do what you have to do in Florence for a memorable holiday.

2. Visit Red Bone Alley

Red Bone Alley beats your idea of a typical cafe experience in Florence.

It is built after its founding in Charleston, though the cafe stands two stories high and has an amazing view of the street.

Some of the features offered by Red Bone Alley include an atrium, a back porch, an ice cream truck, backyard seating, and eye-catching paintings of the lower world.

Also, there is something for sports fans, a bar and a grill where there will never miss a game, and the cafe also has a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

This makes what you have to do in Florence at a certain mealtime perfect for your bucket list in Florence, SC.

3. DInner Julia Belle’s Restaurant

Julia Belle’s restaurant is located within the Florence Farmers Market, and many local people in Florence see this restaurant as a local restaurant.

This local treasure is named after the grandmother of the current owner, who loved to cook delicious food for everyone.

The restaurant offers the best meals that support their amazing existing culture and food menu. Southern hospitality creates a positive impression on its customers.

The restaurant is beautifully designed with a beautiful red wooden frame that welcomes guests to the dining room to enjoy delicious food made with fresh farm produce.

Other foods available at Julia Belle’s restaurant include Low County Boil with shrimp and smoked sausages, Country Pot Roast, Fried Green Tomato BLT, and more.

The dessert at Julia Belle’s Restaurant stays beautiful as the bakery works daily with all kinds of cakes available for customers to enjoy.

Things To Do In Florence Sc For Kids

1. A Visit To War Between the States Museum

The museum was founded during the civil war, a time of turmoil in the history of the United States of America.

Should you be intrigued about the history and perhaps, want to know more about the war, do not waste time and visit this museum because there is so much to learn.

The War Between the Lands of the Museum was started by the sons of the Confederate Veterans in 1988. The museum has a rich history of numerous monuments and artifacts from 1850-1900.

You can also find photographs of many military personnel and various artifacts from Florence Stockade are also on display in the museum.

Extraordinary documents and books are available at the public library.

However, some special items are for sale and can be found at the museum gift shop for a visitor who wants to purchase souvenirs.

2. A Trip To Timrod Park

Timrod Park is an amazing 18-hectare site that offers incredible fun and comfort.

The park is famous in the area, and a visit here makes it one of the best things to do in Florence, SC.

Here, visitors are free to take full advantage of the park.

Visitors can indulge in breathing and cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, or jogging on the same trails and enjoy the beautiful views of the park that will give you.

In addition, there are many other activities such as playing tennis.

Here in Timrod Park are beautiful picnic areas and a children’s playground too, perfect for a great time to meet your kids, friends, and colleagues.

Timrod Park offers many other luxurious amenities, such as a magnificent theater, a magnificent arena, and even beautiful toilets in the park’s recreation center.

Also ladded with a plethora of natural beauty, the park has its own area covered with a variety of trees and shrubs, supporting a lovely set of wildlife.

Timrod Park is a great place to make memories with loved ones and close friends, and with kids too.

3. Watch A Race At Darlington Raceway

In town during race week? Make sure you are in Darlington Raceway!

This is the site of the NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series series, Darlington is one of the most respected names in the high-speed race, and it is not hard to see why.

The track, the oval, is considered one of the most difficult at NASCAR and provides guests with delicious food and entertainment, too.

Participate in the iconic Southern 500 building in Darlington before heading out and visiting the whole of Florence!

Indoor Activities To Do In Florence Sc For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Take on a Challenge at Locked Inn, an Award-Winning Escape Room

With its doors open as the escape room trend becomes a nightmare, the Locked Inn is South Korea’s first escape room.

It is a fascinating option if you want to indulge in something fun and exciting.

Locked Inn offers exciting, adventurous games where players are locked in a room for 60 minutes.

Players must use their ingenuity to solve puzzles and other interactive multiplayer games to get out of the room within the time limit.

They offer four different themes, which makes the challenge even more fun.

2. Catch A Show At Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center

This is a state-of-the-art center that promotes extreme cultural programs suitable for all ages (The Francis Marion University, Performing Arts Center)

The center hosts a variety of entertainment events, including educational activities and workshops both for grown-ups and kids.

Here events traverse from contemporary performances to good old classical music and concerts, including pop, rock, country, and other genres of music.

Visitors to the center can have the opportunity to experience local, regional, national, and international activities, and the busy area offers great, well-suited concerts both day and night.

3. Shop At Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall

Florence has a rich history in America and has a wealth of beautiful antiquities too.

And where best to find these artifacts than the Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall.

This is a huge 38,000 sq. ft., which gives its customers a non-stop shopping experience in the vintage circle.

It samples a lot of interior decors, jewelry, collections, antiques, and antiques, allowing customers to choose the right one.

Thanks to the many artifacts found in the mall, a well-designed system retains its atmosphere.

The temperature of the building is also adjusted to store all the goods in the stores.

Visitors can visit this mall between 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

On Sundays, the Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall is open to the public from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Romantic Things To Do In Florence Sc

1. Pick Berries At Cottle Strawberry Farm

Being one of the most delicious fruit there is, Strawberries are pretty popular with many.

If you want to taste some of the best strawberries, take a day off and visit Cottle Strawberry Farm.

The farm opens every spring, allowing locals and visitors to choose delicious strawberries directly from the vine.

When visiting Cottle Strawberry Farm, you can do it yourself or in a group. Therefore, it is a good place to have a good time alone to develop personal relationships with family and friends.

However, if you are not interested in the picking experience and want the opportunity to get strawberries, there are pre-selected strawberries for sale here.

The farm also has a well-furnished bathroom, as long as guests need to catch their breath because of the strawberry picking experience.

They also sell a variety of strawberry products such as syrup, bread, and preservatives, with the exception of different quantities of strawberries for sale.

Although guests do not have to make an appointment to choose from, they may be disappointed with the problems related to the weather or any other type of case; it is advisable to call in advance.

Cottle Strawberry Farm is open every spring from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

2. Grab a Bottle of Wine and More at Hyman Vineyards

The Hyman Vineyards are the only family-owned Grand Strand winery.

When the vineyard began in 2005, it produced its first wine in 2007.

It creates a variety of red and white wines as well as blush and rose.

In addition, it sells its own type of jam, jelly, salsa, sauce, honey, and juices.

Hyman Vineyards offers nutritional and cosmetic ingredients that are produced or contain grape and raspberry seeds.

During the season, he sells fresh vegetables from his vineyard.

3. Florence After Five

If you are looking for something that is known only by a local person, consider wandering to Florence after Friday.

This internal information takes place every Friday from April to October as the weather permits, from 5:30 pm onwards.

This unique cultural experience takes place in Historic Downtown Florence and features live music, food, and drinks.

The best part is that this experience is completely free!

You can buy tickets to suit your food and drink needs, but roaming with the right people while listening to great music in a beautiful downtown area costs nothing!

Stop by any Friday to join the locals in a fun night that captures the true heart of this beautiful city.

Free Things To Do In Florence Sc

1. Visit Florence Veterans Park

Florence Veteran’s Park covers 6 hectares of land and has various attractions such as a three-column obelisk featuring a bald eagle, the Wall of Honor, sculptures such as Home Safe, and many more.

The park was established on Veterans’ Day 2008, during a special patriotic event in which members of the armed forces are active and retired,

During the event, the city dedicated the Florence Veteran’s Park to those working for the United States of America.

The park also has some beautiful tourist attractions, one of which is a well-designed theater.

Visiting Florence Veteran’s Park is expensive as there is an entrance fee to enter the park, and it is open only during the day.

2. Gather Blessings at the First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church of Florence was founded in 1861.

Its first pastor, Drs. Thomas R. English served the congregation and 34 other members.

Classes for children and adults on Sundays.

Two services are held at the church: a Contemporary Worship service that includes a worship team and a Traditional Worship with Chancel Choir service.

If you are close to this region and want peace, visit the church to collect blessings.

3. Visit Dooley Planetarium

Located right in Francis Marion University in Florence is the digital planetarium, Dooley Planetarium.

At Planetarium, visitors can see a variety of images, cartoons, and even live food from NASA.

The planetarium has a gaming console that allows for the emergence of amazing ideas in a curious and enthusiastic society.

The planetarium has a variety of exhibitions and programs for various groups of people such as students, the community, and very special people.

At the Dooley Planetarium, everyone can get a glimpse of the regular public exhibitions on the second and fourth Sundays every month at 3:00 p.m.

Private groups such as student tour groups can access every day of the week except weekends. Planetarium does not charge any fees as admission is free.

Cheap Things To Do In Florence Sc

1. Pay Your Respects at the Florence National Cemetery

Florence National Cemetery is one of the 144 National Cemeteries in the United States.

It also became part of the 1998 U.S. Register of Historic Places.

Currently operated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

As of 2014, cemeteries have had 9,000 burials.

2. Visit Woods Bay State Natural Area

At nearly 1,600 acres, the Woods Bay State Natural Area is one of the largest and most diverse parks in the state of Florence.

The area is located on the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain coast and has forests, wetlands, sandhill, and shrub bog habitats.
Take a walk through the park to see the amazing variety of wildlife in this one-stop national park!

You do not want to be on your feet? Participate in amazing local freshwater fishing, paddle, or boating before settling in for a picnic!

3. Get Pizza At Rebel Pie

If you are a pizza lover who despises regular pizza, Rebel Pie is your best new friend.

Their pizza is completely burnt in their wood-burning oven.

Ingredients are available from local suppliers, so you are always assured of new ingredients.

The dough is made by hand using natural ingredients.

You can choose from many pizza recipes with white sauce, olive oil, and red sauce bases.

But what really stands out are the chicken fridge, buffalo chicken, and chicken pesto pizzas.

You can make your own pizza and go crazy with everything you have.

There are about 40 options to choose from — from cheeses, vegetables, fruits, seafood, chicken, pork, sausages, bacon, and more.

With information on delicious dental pizza, Pecan Danish pizza and s’mores pizza will delight you.

Cool Places To Visit In Florence Sc

1. Columns Plantation

Column Plantation is a large mansion located in the southern parts of Florence.

The villa is built with huge columns unique to the Greek revival.

The mansion is named after various names such as Rankin-Harwell House, The Columns, James Harwell House, and Carolina Hall.

Guests can visit the villa and watch the Cold War simulations, in which volunteers don the costumes of the day.

The two-story building was constructed within the boundaries of a field where cotton, corn, and tobacco were grown.

The architectural design of the Columbus mansion is that of a Greek-style revival lodge.

The mansion has a low-pitched roof and a high floor. The villa is also surrounded by 22 large brick columns, laid out in a Doric sequence.

The total size of a large house covers about 2 hectares of land.

This old and beautiful home has been restored over time. Currently, the Harwell family owns a large area and surrounding plantations.

Although private, it is available for tours and events.

2. Dr. Bruce & Lee Foundation Library

Dr. The Bruce & Lee Foundation Library is a library that has found its place in the hearts of local people.

The library also gained popularity among visitors due to its well-organized library design, which reduces stress during the search.

Drs. The Bruce & Lee Foundation Library provides access to books, audio cassettes, CDs, genealogies, local history, the Internet, and many other reference resources.

The continuous presence and archeology of the Florence Library create a good foundation for the main public building in Florence.

Library spaces such as a park and enclosed balconies greatly support public gatherings, and its state-of-the-art facilities cater to the needs of the city and its outsiders.

Services provided by Drs. The Bruce & Lee Foundation Library is free to the citizens of Florence.

However, registered cardholders who are not citizens of Florence County need to pay a minimum of $ 25 to access more library resources.

3. Tubb’s Shrimp & Fish Co.

Tubb’s Shrimp & Fish Co. provides respiratory marine mammals found in local markets.

Its approach to the table ensures that only the freshest seafood adorns the tables of its restaurant.

While dishes remain true to Lowcountry cuisine, there are menu items inspired by international cuisine.

Don’t be amazed if you see a modern twist on the South base, such as shrimp and grits, crab cakes, oysters, Po Boys, and mac and cheese.


Get ready for a trip south to the state of Carolina, as Florence offers some of the best places to have fun and activities.

Visitors can be assured of both the exciting and instructive things in Florence.

Although Florence may be unpopular, it is actually a hidden treasure.

Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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