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27 Best & Fun Things to Do in San Marcos (CA)

San Marcos, California, is a city that has vast attractions which include fun and recreational places. San Marcos, California, is a good pick for residents and vacations because of its friendly surroundings. There are many fun amenities and equipment available for all ages.

San Marcos, California, is great for its affordable houses, amazing sit-outs, and family and relationship bonding activities, including raising a family. You can never have a boring time in San Marcos, Califonia.

We have put together the best and most fun things to do in San Marcos (CA) as a guide to help you during your stay or visit to the area.

Fun Things to Do in San Marcos (CA)

1. Visit Jack’s Pond Park and Nature Center

Jack’s pond and the lake is a large nature preserve that allows people to learn about the environment. 

Visiting the center is one of the fun things to do in San Marcos (CA). They offer various fun activities for all ages. The park contains wildlife, picnic areas, etc. 

Apart from the exciting activities at Jack’s pond park and nature center, they provide outdoor educational activities whereby visitors can learn.

2. Shop at the Antique Village

The antique village is an excellent place to shop for unique items containing many unique treasures. At the antique village, they sell in such a way that there is always something new for their clients as they deal with contemporary products. 

Amongst many others, they provide friendly prices on furniture, glass, pottery, etc. Because of the variety of items displayed in the antique village, you can visit the store and scan the treasures.

3. A Visit to the Twin Oaks Golf Course

Twin oaks golf course has a driving range, a golf shop with golf equipment, including golf attire, and a pub that prepares and serves delicious meals. 

Twin Oaks Golf Course consists of a banquet space with groups of up to twenty-five persons open for any occasion. The twin oaks golf course is a place to visit for a fun experience.

Things to Do in San Marcos (CA) at Night

1. Grab a Beer at Stumble Foot Brewery

Stumble Foot brewery is a place that has a friendly atmosphere for visitors. Stumble foot is a good stop to grab a drink at San Marcos. 

One thing that makes it fun is that you can decide to have your beer at night, and you will be offered a good quality beer. 

The stumble foot staff are experienced and have a vast knowledge of the drinks they serve; they also play music for the customers to have a good time.

2. Watch Videos at the Cinema Vivavideo Agency

Cinema Vivavideo is a video production studio in central San Diego. They offer a full range of 4K and HD Video Production services and produce instructional videos, documentaries, commercials, etc. 

The cinema can offer a wide range of talent, services, and equipment to complement any video production. The studio provides services for your video projects, such as filming and editing.

3. Pain and Glow at Paint and Glow by Davina

Pain and glow allow you to paint under a black light. The glow of the paint pops up when you put off the light. Your finished paints glow in the dark, making them beautiful. 

You can go to paint and glow any night you decide to have fun and exciting memories.

Things to Do in San Marcos (CA) For couples

1. Get a Full Body Massage at Sabaidee Thai Massage and Spa

At Sabaidee Thai massage and spa, you experience a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel great and refreshed as your body gets massaged. They offer the best hot stone treatment, massage therapy, etc.

The wonderful atmosphere is filled with Thailand’s sounds, smells, and sights, using traditional Thai massage techniques and skills to heal and rejuvenate their customers.

2. Drink at Dos Desperados Brewery

Dos Desperados Brewery serves some of their best brewery, such as homicidal manic stout, double dealer brown ale, etc. The brewery is family owned and operated. 

It is a good place for couples to sit together and drink while discussing, bonding, meeting new people, and making new friends.

3. Play Games at the Invasion Laser Tag

Consider visiting invasion laser tag when you want to have an incredible time with your family, spouse, or friends. Invasion Laser Tag is a family-friendly fun center that assures guests of an awesome experience through fun activities.

The laser tag game is high-tech, basically a computerized hide-and-seek version. Its main objective is for the player to gain points while protecting themselves and their territory from competitors. 

Invasion Laser Tag features several arcade games, and the facility is also available for events like family outings, birthday parties, and more.

Things to Do With Kids in San Marcos (CA)

1. Hangout at Skyzone Trampoline Park

Skyzone trampoline park is family-friendly, which makes it an excellent place to spend the day with your kids. The park offers various activities such as sky slam basketball, open jump, dodgeball, and trampoline programs. 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park also offers camps and private group events of different sizes for kids, teens, and adults. It can be a perfect venue to plan a special event for kids, like birthday parties.

2. Play Virtual Reality Arcade 

Virtual reality entertainment arcade/venue in palm springs has a lot of VR games and experiences to choose from, which include premiere virtual reality escape games, ranging from Ubisoft in the realms of assassin’s creed and prince of Persia, etc.

Virtual reality arcade is great for family fun, suitable for all ages and tastes. 

3. Visit Legoland California Resort for Fun Activities

Legoland has many attractions, and it features theme park-style rides, a large aquarium with many sea creatures, and building interactive exhibits. The resort is filled with magical live events that are beneficial for children.

Indoor Activities to Do in San Marcos (CA)

1. Play Escape Games at Locked Adventures

Playing games with family and friends at locked adventures is an incredible way to spend your day at San Marcos. They have different escape rooms with different levels of tasks to make the game interesting.

The game requires people to form a team whereby you and your teammates will be locked up in a room and given time to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape the room in time. 

This game strengthens bonds between friends, colleagues, families, and spouses so they can work better together.

2. The CADO Avacado Museum Experience

The avocado pop-up museum experience has six interactive, educational, and photogenic installations. Learn how avocados grow from trees and walk through an avocado of epic proportions.

3. Ride at K1 Speed

K1 Speed is fun and exciting in San Marcos, delivering an unforgettable experience for people. Each location features fast electric go-karts, private meeting rooms, an arcade, a cafe serving food and drinks, and many more. 

This and many more make K1 speed one of the best entertainment venues in the area, a great spot for a fun date night, family fun, etc.

Romantic Things to Do in San Marcos (CA)

1. Watch Movies at Regal Edward San Marcos

Ensure you watch your favorite blockbuster movie at the Regal Edwards San Marcos. Regal Edwards San Marcos features a theater with eighteen screens and approximately four thousand two hundred seats. 

The theater is well designed and equipped with amazing sound and Tv systems for the people to enjoy their movies. Regal Edwards San Marcos features concession stands offering delicious hot popcorn, chilled drinks, etc.

2. Eat at Mama Kat’s Restaurant

Mama Kat’s restaurant has an amazing dining experience in San Marcos. It is a family-owned restaurant, well-known in the city for its delicious and quality meals. They also serve different kinds of pie. 

Mama Kat’s Restaurant offers an extensive menu of meals. They also serve cold drinks, vanilla, strawberry lemonade, etc.

3. Grab a Drink at Rip Current Brewery

Rip Current Brewing serves drinks like the Barrel-aged Black Lagoon, the Choppy Surf Czech-style Pilsner, and more. They offer guided tours where visitors learn about the brewery’s history and how the amazing drinks are made.

Free Things to Do in San Marcos (CA)

1. Visit California State University

California state university is where you can learn more about San Marcos. California State University is a public university that was established in 1989.

California State University usually hosts art shows, theater performances, athletic competitions, and many more, so you can attend some events.

2. Walk Along the Double Peak Park

To get a vantage point of the entire San Marcos, climb its famous Double Peak Park.

It is an excellent place to explore nature and the outdoors. It has several trails and access points you can traverse for more adventure. 

The ultimate goal to do there is to climb its 1,646-foot peak.

2. Swim at the Carlsbad State Beach

The beach is a top-rated stop in San Marcos for people who crave the salty sea breeze and fresh air. The beach is also known for its scenic cliffside that towers over the beach and shoreline. 

The best things to do there are to swim and sunbathe, while some go surfing and fishing. You can engage in a lot of fun-filled activities at the beach. It also has hotels where you can stay for the night, including campsites.

Cheap Things to Do in San Marcos (CA)

1. Shop For Groceries at Albertsons

Albertsons is a store that caters to the bulk of your needs. They offer a fulfilled and stress-free grocery shopping experience, including several fresh produce. They have a bakery that offers amazing treats. 

Albertsons also offer floral decor, including a large variety of fresh bouquets to beautify your house. They can be delivered if you can’t go to the store to pick up your items. Albertsons offers delivery and drive-up.

2. Tour with Black Swan Gondola Company

The black swan gondola company, which offers gondola tours, was established to showcase San Diego’s beauty. The beautiful and charming San Diego lake town has similar glamour to Italy’s. 

You will feel the Italian canals as you cruise along the lake, with magnificent sunsets and a water-based ambiance. The facility combines the beauty of San Diego with the glamour of Italy. 

You get the best of both worlds when the two are together. In a memorable experience, Black Swan will provide you with only love.

3. TinyFest

The tiny home and nomadic living festival will feature professionally built and DIY-built tiny houses in various styles, including on wheels and foundation, van conversions, and lots more. 

Explore tiny living options, meet your tribe, gain inspiration, and soak up information during a full line-up of speakers and workshops. Explore the Simple Living Marketplace. Enjoy live music, food & drink!

Cool Places to Visit in San Marcos (CA)

1. Beuna Creek Gardens

Buena Creek Gardens has existed for over thirty years in San Marcos and is home to over five thousand ornamental flowers, trees, and plants. This garden is a favorite location for those who love growing and collecting plants.

The garden is a good source for retailing rare plants. Buena Creek Gardens offers guided tours to visitors, with staff available to answer every question.

2. Discovery Lake

For an incredible experience, visit discovery lake. Discovery Lake is a place that describes nature’s beauty and offers different opportunities for you to get outside and have fun. 

The lake welcomes hikers, bikers, and joggers. It is also an excellent place for strolling. Discovery Lake has a nice playground for children with lots of fun equipment and benches throughout the property. The lake is also open for fishing.

3. Bowlero Bowling Alley

Bowlero bowling alley is a good place to showcase your bowling skills. It boasts 40 modern bowling lanes with numerous billiard tables and an arcade to entertain you further.

Also, the place holds local bowling tournaments, which you can join if you have what it takes to score a strike. You can order any food of your choice through its lane-side menu.


You are set to have the best time of your life and create fun memories through the things you can do in San Marcos, California, written in this article. 

You can do many things in San Marcos, California as an individual, with friends and family, at night, with your spouse, and many more.

Let us know in the comment section what you would like to do on your visit to San Marcos (CA).

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