LMIA Jobs Ontario – (10 Positions)

Are you short on staff for LMIA jobs in Ontario and will like to get both Canadian citizens or any foreign worker, well now is your chance to know how to.

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What is a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

A labor market impact assessment (LMIA) is a verification process that involves the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to assess any offer of employment to make sure that the employment of any foreign worker won’t have a bad impact on the Canadian labor market.

The employer is expected to bring some important information about the position that they want to hire for, which also includes the number of Canadians who applied for the positions, the number of Canadians that they will interview, and a good explanation of why the Canadians are not hired.

in order for the ESDC to consider any employment offer the following has to be considered:

  • Is the money given to the foreign worker consistent with an average job in the area of positions
  • is the condition for working in line with the labour law.
  • is there shortage for jobs in that area of positions
  • is there dispute in the company or industry
  • have the Canadian employer taken recruiting effort to find a Canadian suitable for the position
  • is the foreign worker going to bring skills and expertise to Canadians
  • is hiring a foreign worker going to bring about creation of jobs in Canada

Basically, for any job that is located in any of the major cities, the more specialized the positions are and the higher that salary is offered, the chance of getting the positive LMIA is very high. And also even in regions with lesser populations obtaining an LMIA may be easy too.

LMIA Based Work Permits

In order to get a work permit, both the foreign worker and the employer have to go through a two-step process. the first process involves submitting an application to the ESDC for a labor market impact assessment (LMIA) after which the second process which involves submitting an application to citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) for a permit.

It was decided that any work permit for any foreign worker who needs an LMIA will only be granted a work permit for just 1 year for a low-wage occupation. It is also important to state that there are LMIA exempted jobs.

How Long Does it take to Obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment?

ESDC has a 10 business days of standard service for certain LMIA applications. The 10 days processing is applicable to all LMIA jobs that are in high demand such as skilled trades, or LMIA jobs that offer wages of 10% that is at the top of wages that is earned by Canadians in that region and any jobs that is within a short period usually less than 120 days.

It is the duty of the ESDC to process any LMIA application and their office is spread across every Canadian province.

Requirements for Employers Applying for an LMIA

There are some requirements that the employer has to fulfill in order for him or her to hire any foreign worker. They are :

  • Any Employer that wants to employ a temporary foreign worker in Canada has to pay a processing fee of $1,000 CDN tied to each request for a labour market opinion. and also a privilege fee of $100 CDN is required too.
  • English and French should be the only language test that can be included as a requirement both for LMIA Jobs and got job vacancy advertising except the employer can show that another language is needed .
  • Employers are expected to advertise all vacancies for LMIA Jobs in the Canadian market place for a minimum of Four weeks before you apply for an LMIA and is required to prove that they have at least two other requirements ways in posting an advertisement in the Canadian job bank site
  • It is expected of an employer when applying for LMIA regarding high wage Positions to submit a transition plan to ESDC with their LMIA
  • Employers are expected to attest to awareness that are prohibited as regarding laying off or cutting the hours of Canadian workers when they employ foreign worker

LMIA jobs in Ontario

There are various LMIA jobs that you can get in Ontario if you are residing there. some of the job offers are

  • Subway Manager
  • Senior Associate Lawyer – Canadian Business Immigration
  • HR Advisor to the Global Resource Center
  • New Grad – Investment Analyst, Teachers
  • Tile Setter (LMIA available)
  • Carpenter (LMIA available)
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Immigration Case Officer
  • AZ Drivers; AZ New Drivers; AZ Team Drivers
  • Concrete Finisher
  • Assistant Kitchen Manager


In summary, as an employer with LMIA jobs in Ontario, getting an LMIA is one sure way to get a good foreign worker that will not just work but also that will bring good impact to the labor market.

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