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Construction Helper Jobs in Canada

Construction Helper Jobs in Canada is almost similar to the ones in other countries. A construction helper is an assistant employed to work with more experienced construction workers to carry out basic duties like cleaning worksites, supplying tools, and moving materials.

If this sounds like an occupation you are interested in, it is most likely you will secure one of the Construction Helper Jobs outlined in this article. Over 1.4 million people in Canada are employed annually in the Construction industry and one of such people is Construction Helpers.

These workers help construction workers in offloading construction materials, cleaning and preparing worksites, among other duties. Construction helper jobs in Canada are available in full-time positions or part-time options.

Tradesmen like Carpenters, painters, plumbers, Electricians usually require the services of a construction helper, while carrying out their duties. Being physically fit and agile is a major requirement for getting a Construction helper job in Canada.

5 Qualities of a Construction Helper

Before we dive into the Construction helper jobs in Canada, let’s quickly look at the important qualities these workers are required to possess.

1.  Physical strength and Vitality

As a construction helper, you are required to perform tasks that require a lot of energy. Most construction jobs are tasking and require physical strength. Therefore you need to be strong and agile. If you are not physically strong, it will be difficult for you to work as a construction helper.

2.  Well-coordinated and smart

To work as a construction helper in Canada, you should be smart and coordinated. You will be required to quickly move from one point to another. Smartness is a major quality required of a construction helper

3. Technical knowledge

A Construction helper should know how to use basic construction tools. They may not use some of these tools because they are only assisting construction workers but it is important they know how to operate them. Some of these tools include trenchers, plump bob, vacuum blower, bump cutter, forklift, etc.

4. Basic Math Skills

As a construction helper, you should know how to accurately measure materials before cutting and making adjustments. You should also have a fair knowledge of geometry.

5. Ability to pay attention to details

Construction helpers are expected to pay attention to details and follow instructions given to them by their superiors (Construction workers).

Top 10 Construction Helper Jobs in Canada

There are a lot of job opportunities for Construction Helpers in Canada. However, the following positions are currently in-demand.

1. General Labor / Production Helper

The average pay for a General production helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada.

2. Construction Electrician Helper

The Average Salary for a Construction Electrician helper is C$21.00 per hour in Canada.

3. Carpenters Assistant

The average pay for a Carpenter assistant is C$18.00 per hour in Canada.

4. Maintenance Helper

The average pay for a maintenance helper is C$17.00 per hour in Canada

5. Plumber Helper

The average pay for a plumber helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada.

6. Roofer Helper/Assistant

The average pay for a Roofer helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada

7. Glazier Helpers

The average pay for a Glazier helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada

8. Flooring installer helper

The average pay for a flooring installer helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada.

9. Mason helper

The average pay for a mason helper is C$21.00 per hour in Canada.

10. Tile setter helper

The average pay for a tile setter helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada

Job Description of a Construction Helper

Construction helpers are needed in various industries. Here are the major duties performed by a construction helper.

Set up equipment

Construction helpers usually set up equipment used on the site. This may include erecting scaffolding, mixing concrete foundations, etc.

Offload Construction Materials

One of the typical duties of a construction helper is to offload Construction Materials like tools, cement, and other building materials.

Clean worksite

At the end of a workday, construction helpers are required to clean and clear the site and properly dispose of waste materials. They also ensure that useful construction materials are properly kept.

Other duties of a Construction Helper may include,

  • Demolish existing structures
  • Assist with framing
  • Transport construction materials to the worksite.

Construction Helper Skills and Qualifications

There is no specific educational qualification required for construction helper jobs in Canada. However, you are required to have a high school diploma. A construction helper should be good at manual labor and be willing to follow instructions.

Attending vocational education to learn basic construction skills will be helpful. Although this is not a requirement to get a construction helper job in Canada because most employers offer on-the-job training.

How Much are Construction Helpers Paid in Canada?

Construction helper salaries in Canada vary from province to province. Generally, they earn an average salary of $38,026 annually or $19.50 hourly. Entry-level positions begin at $32,175 annually, while expert-level positions start at $44,850 annually.

The employment growth rate for construction helper jobs in Canada is high. Bureau Labour Statistics predicted a growth rate of about 12% through 2026, which is higher than Canada’s average. 


Most Construction jobs in Canada require construction helpers. This is the major reason why they are in high demand. Fortunately, construction helper jobs in Canada do not require any specific qualifications. However, the workers are expected to have physical strength and stamina because most of the roles are labor-intensive.

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