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How Long Can One Stay in the US With a Visa?

The word visa originates from Latin, the Latin word “charta visa”, meaning paper that must be seen. Visa allows an immigrant to travel and stay in a country of their choice. Authorization from the usage of visas for foreigners to visit a country is normally conditional.

This Visa tells them how long they are staying, areas they are free to enter and dates they can access some areas, etc. A visa can be revoked anything as it’s subject to entry permission by an immigration officer, at the time of actual entry.

Visa actually acts as evidence of endorsement from a country, placed in the applicant’s passport. Recently, visas is issued out to applicants electronically.

The officials in charge of rejecting or permitting a visa entry are known as immigration officers. If the permission has been granted, the officials will issue a visa which will, in turn, be stamped in a passport. 

In recent times, travelers who want to travel have always applied for a visa in advance. They either go in person, by post, or apply through the Internet.

Validity of visas used to stay in the US

One frequently asked question that travelers ask is how long one can stay in the US with just a visa. Having just a visa upon going to the United States means the traveler has a temporary visa to stay in the US. This is also regarded as a temporary non-immigrant visa. However,  Visas can be single-entry, double-entry, or multiple entries.

Single Entry Visa

The validity of this visa automatically becomes annulled as soon as the holder leaves the country where he visited.

Double or Multiple Entry Visa

The double entry visa permits the holder or user to double or multiple entries into the country, using the same visa. This means the holder can use the same visa twice.

Although as stated above, visas have different types, they are however valid for only temporary stay in the US, say 6 months. However,  once it has been issued,  it can be only valid for the length of the period for which it was issued.

The validity of the visa indicates the time period the entry was approved and permitted. This means that if the visa was permitted on June 1st to expire on August 30, then the authorization period will be 90 days. These 90 days start counting from the day the user enters the US.

Categories of temporary visas

Earlier, it was stated that having just a US visa means you have a temporary visa. There are different categories of temporary visas. They include:

1) B1 Visa

This Visa is meant for visitors who are applying to go into the US for business or medical treatment. This visa is usually valid for 6 months.

One can also apply for an extension of stay at the expiration of the period issued for the visa initially. This extension of stay in the US can be 6 months, with reasons for an extension which has to commemorate with the initial or original application.

2) B2 Visa

This Visa is usually issued to travelers whose main reason for going to the US is solely for pleasure, visiting relatives or friends, or tourism. This Visa is normally issued for a period of 9 months to 90 years and for each visit, the visitor is allowed to stay up to 6 months. However, the visitor is allowed to apply for an extension of stay in the US for a valid reason.

3) D Visa

This type of Visa is meant for members of a crew, say a group of persons going to the US for the same purpose. Therefore, if the travel purpose has to do with crew members, then the length of stay in the US permitted is a period of 28 days maximum. There is no provision for extension of stay.

4) F Visa

This Visa is meant solely for students. This Visa is valid for as long as the students remain enrolled. This enrollment can either be full-time or part-time. There are terms and conditions attached to this visa before issuance. This includes the students making remarkable progress in completing the stated programs applied for.

However, at the point where one study program ends, there is a 60 days grace period for the student to prepare to leave the US. There is no room for extension.

Therefore, the length of stay in the US with just a visa depends solely on the category of the visa issued to the traveler. This starts counting from the first day the traveler was received by the Customs officer and the visa stamped with a date.

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