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Outpost Recruitment Process

Are you an engineer or into the construction field and looking for a job and don’t know how to go about it or the method at which you can be recruited for either internship or for work purposes? Outpost Recruitment can help.

Well it’s important to know various ways at which you can get either one of the above mentioned and the outpost recruitment ensures that you are brought into their field based on your skill.

To know more about outpost recruitment, you can go through this article for you to get and have a vast knowledge on the various process at which you can get this outpost recruitment.

What is Outpost Recruitment?

Outpost Recruitment majorly work in construction and engineering recruitment, their Headquartered is in downtown Vancouver since 2012, they have a boutique agency with a strong business foundation and shown track record in providing quality, cost-effective recruitment solutions to construction and engineering clients across Canada.

The major clients include general contractors, engineering consultancies, developers, and subcontractors from coast to coast, who have the same passion for finding the best available hire for each position.

They also partner with your human resources team to increase your search for the right people to help build your business.

Since 2012, the outpost recruitment team has been researching labour market requirements in Canada along with scanning foreign migration patterns to know and fulfil the future needs of employers.

The solution to Canada’s labour market shortages includes a holistic approach that requires talent sourcing on a local and global basis. Reputation has been built based on helping employers to source top talent locally and internationally, while also reducing hiring costs

Steps to being successful with Outpost Recruitment

below outlined are the steps you need to take to be successfully recruited by outpost recriutment.

Step 1: Contact their team

Get your with your CV/resume and say the type of role you are looking for. Try as possible to be as specific.

Step 2: Complete our short questionnaire

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire so we can understand your skills and experience in more detail and send you resources to help perfect your resume.

Step 3: Create a Canadian-style resume

This is important to your success. Canadian employers require you to bring a resume in a specific format and we insist on applying this format to help you increase your chances of success.

Step 4: Initial screening interview via Skype

In a situation where they can help you, they will set up a video conference with you and then use the opportunity to know more about you and your preference just like the answer to any questions that you might have about the process. The aim of the discussion is to give them a clearer picture of how they can help you.

Step 5: Feedback and Shortlisting

Outpost Recruitment will show suitable roles, giving you an insight into the market and contact companies on your behalf. although, you will be asked as the candidate to help them by taking ownership of the process and being proactive.

Do you charge candidates a fee for finding them a job?

No, charging a fee for recruitment services is totally illegal. Their clients, the employers, pay us a fee to help solve the pain of finding great people.

What can I do to expedite the process?

They encourage you to be more open to change and be proactive throughout the process. They enjoy working with people who take charge of their own destiny. Our success is dependant on open communication and teamwork.

Will using a recruitment agency affect my salary?

Not at all, this is one of the common impressions about recruitment. Companies use recruitment agencies because they give valuable service to their organization.

Recruitment fees are a cost of doing business and employers will never deduct this fee from an employee’s compensation package. The popularity of Outpost Recruitment is a result of the fantastic pool of international candidates, caring approach to recruitment, and cost-effective fees, which help employers control their hiring costs.

Is it okay to apply directly to companies or use other agencies?

Yes, There isn’t any force on candidates to work exclusively with them but they do ask candidates to keep them updated on progress. It’s crucial that they are kept informed of any changes and updates to your job hunt. Strong teamwork among candidates and recruitment consultants is important for a successful outcome.

What if they do not find a job for me?

Their promise is that they will always give some value to the candidate’s job hunt, they give out free consulting on your resume, the jobs market, and relocation advice. If they do not think they can help with your job search, they will make this clear from the beginning and recommend that you use other resources.


As earlier mentioned while searching for a job it is best to locate outpost recruitment in order for them to help you to get the best job offers full stop and also they give out free advice to their candidate for you to know and be inclined about what you are going in for.

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