27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

The small town of Cookeville is a picturesque tourist attraction. It is located east of Nashville and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural attractions.

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The city is worth checking out with more than 150 waterfalls, a vast coastline, fine restaurants, and a scenic backyard.

Cookeville is also home to some of the world’s most famous artists and chefs, which means that guests will find many interesting artifacts and an excellent dining experience.

To make it even more an attractive destination for tourists, the city also has a large number of exciting events, including high-end theaters held at the famous Cookeville theater.

Should you be fascinated and intrigued by learning more about what this city has to offer?

We’ve put together for you a list of things to do in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Fun Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

1. Watch a Performance at The Backdoor Playhouse at Tennessee Tech University

The Backdoor Playhouse at Tennessee Tech University is one of the best-performing theaters in town and has entertained people for 60 years in a row.

These theaters are a perfect place for couples looking for specific recreational activities to enjoy in Cookeville.

Lots of actors and other actors have for years been showing off their skills and entertaining the audience here.

It is situated at Tennessee Tech University, which is quite popular for most entertainment lovers.

The Backdoor Playhouse has a comfortable and beautiful ambiance.

Thanks to all its preparations, the theater offers a wonderful feeling to its guests.

2. Enjoy a Memorable Horseback Riding Experience with Circle K Horse Pavilion

The Circle K Horse Pavilion offers private and group horseback riding courses for riders of all skill levels.

The training and information they provide are for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

You can choose to ride in or out of the arena or get out of one of the circles of the Circle K Horse Pavilion to get a lesson.

Institutional owners take pride in providing a safe environment in which horses live and play while still adhering to safety standards in accordance with local laws.

This makes the Circle K Horse Pavilion not only a great place for horse lovers but also a great place to ride and train riders.

Here, you will be surrounded by spectacular trails and hectares of grassy pastures to help keep your horse cool and full of fresh water.

Not to mention that you will find a stream flowing in this area.

3. Go Riding with the Gentlest Horses at Wildwood Stables

To enjoy the unique horseback riding of Tennessee, Wildwood Stables is the perfect place to go.

Located in downtown Crossville, the Wildwood Stables is about an hour’s drive from Cookeville.

Wildwood Stables has many long trails that take you to beautiful scenery and scenery.

These trails are perfect for enjoying horseback riding and good walking.

The stallions are quiet and quiet.

The area also offers a variety of additional amenities such as dinners and carts.

Even if you are a first-time rider, your ride to the Wildwood Stables will be a safe experience once in a lifetime.

Things To Do In Cookeville Tn At Night

1. Enjoy a Unique Cinematic Experience at Sparta Drive-In

Just 20 minutes outside Cookeville, Sparta Drive-In is the ideal destination for cinema-loving tourists.

This driving theater is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

The design is a retro style, and it contains a collection of the latest blockbuster movies.

This place is known for providing its viewers with pure entertainment and entertainment.

The ambiance of Sparta Drive-In is very appealing, and licensed food such as naroes and hamburgers are also available to enhance your outdoor movie feel.

With its perfect service and fun place, this driving theater is a must-visit in town.

2. Eat At Crawdaddy’s

Visit Crawdaddy’s for New Orleans-inspired food like crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, gumbo, fried shrimp, crawfish, or oysters.

The bar offers cocktails, local beers, and a wide range of wine and liquor.

Check out one of their special weekly events like Sunday Brunch and Jazz to play with local bands.

3. Visit Chattanooga Choo Choo

This is not a train ride, but it is fun to explore. Chattanooga Chug Choo Choo is a former hotel that has become a railway depot.

It was inspired by the famous song Glen Miller during World War II.

You can stay overnight in one of its historic Pullman cars or choose a traditional room.

There are also many restaurants, shops, bars, and a comedy club.

The distillery makes this a living and unique place.

If you are planning a vacation to Chattanooga, we hope these tips will help you plan ahead.

Things To Do In Cookeville Tn For Couples

1. Shop at The Market on the Square

It is one of the best shopping destinations in Cookeville.

It is a multi-level paradise for consumers and offers a variety of items on each floor.

The street level is famous for providing a variety of food, condiments, and a must-have kitchen.

If you are interested in buying home decor and interior accessories, you can check out the store below.

The collection in this store is unique and always up to date.

The place is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all your shopping needs while you’re in Cookeville.

2. Join a Wine Tasting Tour at Delmonaco Winery & Vineyards

Touring Delmonaco Winery & Vineyards is a great way to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience.

The winery, located just 15 minutes outside Cookeville, is beautiful and ideal for guests.

This place offers guided winery tours and vineyards.

All guides are friendly and have a lot of experience in many different wine products.

Some tours also offer a nice wine tasting, while others require you to pay to taste the wine directly.

All wines are made fresh with ingredients from the vineyards and are just above the earth.

3. Father Tom’s Pub

Experience the amazing experience at an old pub at Father Tom’s Pub while enjoying wine, alcoholic beverages, local drinks, and amazing food.

Enjoy great sandwiches, fish ‘n’ chips, a signature quesadilla, or Bernie Mac – a homemade white cheddar mac and cheese stuffed with hot chicken.

Things To Do In Cookeville Tn For Kids

1. Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth at Cream City Ice Cream & Coffee House

It is quite a popular place to hunt for delicious and delicious desserts for your sweet tooth.

The area is known for its ice cream, which is available in various flavors.

Some popular regulars are a cup of peanut butter, black cherry, cookies and cream, Tennessee fudge, caramel cone, cake batter, and much more.

Along with its ice cream, the area is famous for serving other beverages such as milkshakes, affogato, sundaes, and smoothies.

2. Enjoy an Old-School Arcade Experience at Paradise Games and Arcade

Paradise Games and Arcade offer its guests an acceptable way to escape the turmoil of daily life.

It could be an ideal place for friends, family, and loved ones can come together and enjoy their time while having the opportunity to relax and have fun.

The amusement park has a wide collection of different types of games that can easily entertain guests for many hours in the end.

Arcade includes retro games and cones, cabinet games, new consoles and games, pool tables, virtual reality games, and more.

The arcade also rotates in the middle of its weekly inventory to focus on the entire game.

3. Enjoy the Many Available Amenities at Cane Creek Park

Cane Creek Park is one of the most romantic and cozy places in Cookeville.

The park has a variety of tourist facilities, such as a playground, picnic shelters, and barbecues.

It is also home to Cane Creek Lake, ideal for enjoying activities such as boating and fishing.

The park is popular among local fishermen and dog walkers.

Cane Creek Park has trails ready for running and hiking and is surrounded by the beautiful Cane Creek lake.

The park also has outdoor playgrounds, including a volleyball court and a basketball court, which makes it an ideal place for team guests and families alike.

Indoor Activities To Do In Cookeville Tn For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Step Back in Time at the Cookeville History Museum

The Cookeville Museum of Natural History exhibits is a real gift for its guests who can enjoy them.

The museum aims to provide programs, activities, and exhibitions that enhance the history of Putnam County and Cookeville.

Their ongoing self-guided exhibition on the history of this community educates residents and visitors about the local history in a profound way.

A carefully crafted timeline complements the history from just over a century to the present.

The museum’s front room is dedicated to local exhibitions only. Shows moving shows, as well as borrowed items from private collections.

Special round-the-clock shows and stand-up exhibitions are stunning and incredibly integrated.

The museum holds a lot of information about the local community and its responsibilities to the government and the country as a whole.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff deserve special mention as they make guests feel welcome and enhance the experience of all visitors.

2. Sample the Most Exquisite Wines at Stonehaus Winery

Ideal for a guided tour, Stonehaus Winery is a popular family-owned venue in Crossville.

Ready for a side trip from Cookeville, the winery is 35 minutes from downtown.

As well as its tours, the venue also offers wine tasting events and allows you to have a unique and memorable experience.

The winery also has a gourmet store where you can buy great gifts.

In addition to its fine wines, the area also offers delicious food and special gifts for all.

Stonehaus Winery is also famous for serving some of the most delicious homemade fudges in town.

3. Red Silo Brewing Company

Pull up a chair at Red Silo Brewing Company to try out their little beers.

A variety of beers are made, including brown ales, pilsner, stouts, sours, and even hard seltzer lemon and their root beer.

Take in the awesome view of the world from the balcony and enjoy live music from the silo stage.

Romantic Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

1. Have a Scenic Picnic at Hidden Hollow Park

It is a recreational club that initially functioned as a tobacco, cattle, and corn farm.

However, it was later turned into a scenic park that presently features a swimming pool, fishing ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas, flood lights, various courts like volleyball courts, a petting zoo, and an adorable stuffed deer named Dee Dee.

It is a beautiful and cheerful natural space that is great for spending some leisure time in the small city of Cookeville.

2. Kick-Start Your Day with Breakfast at Poet’s Coffee

Poet’s Coffee is the best place to start this morning in downtown Cookeville. This coffee house is located in Historic Courthouse Square.

Its condition is far from ideal, and the staff is welcoming and enthusiastic.

With its large windows, Poet’s Coffee allows you to enjoy the outside world while enjoying your favorite coffee cup.

Offering caffeinated beverages like Americanos and Cuban espressos, this coffee shop is definitely going to be one of your favorite places in town.

Along with its delicious Coffee, Poet’s Coffee also offers a variety of teas such as hot green tea, Earl Gray, and white orchard.

An old bagel with avocado, cream cheese, and other ingredients makes a perfect breakfast at Poet’s Coffee.

This place is ready to start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

3. Shopping in Downtown Cookeville

Continue your shopping quest by shopping at the best boutiques in the downtown area.

Start at the 31 Twenty-Five Boutique, where many window items will entice you for hours.

You can then visit Cigi. This boutique has a very good selection and variety of sizes.

And they have excellent accessories and decorations.

After Cigi, head to the WestSide Cultural District, where you will find shops such as Broadway Boutique Mall and Luxe Boutique.

Free Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

1. Go on a Leisurely Stroll around Dogwood Park

This place is perfect for enjoying some travel and personal time.

Along with its beautiful trails, the area has a rose garden and a variety of picnic areas.

In addition, Dogwood Park has a summer water park popular with children.

It is very much a recommended place if you want to enjoy beautiful paintings.

Dogwood Park is a great place to spend some time with the family and take beautiful pictures away from the stress of city life.

2. Make Your Way to Cummins Falls State Park

The famous Cummins Falls State Park is located about nine miles northwest of Cookeville city center.

The park is a popular destination for everyday visitors and is extremely beautiful.

It is also famous for Cummins Falls, which is one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the area.

With amenities such as picnic areas, parking, and well-maintained trails, the park is especially popular with nearby residents.

With amenities such as picnic areas, parking, and well-maintained trails, the park is especially popular with nearby residents.

3. See Cookeville’s Famous Our Protectors Mural

Cookeville, Tennessee, is one of the city’s most famous for its murals.

The city is known for its many distinctive paintings, which are well-preserved and highly valued by locals.

One of the most famous murals is Our Protectors Mural, painted in honor of law enforcement officials, firefighters, paramedics, paramedics, soldiers, and local people who were active during the September 2001 events.

The murals were painted by local talent and are one of the attractions of the city.

Cheap Things To Do In Cookeville Tn

1. Take a Walk through Railroad History at the Cookeville Depot Museum

The Cookeville Depot Museum is a popular site in the city that was originally built in 1909.

The museum is located at the Cookeville Railroad Depot, which served the country until the late 1950s.

There is a comprehensive art exhibition representing the history and development of the Tennessee Central Railway.

The railway history museum showcases a variety of trains, including Red Caboose since 1920, caboose since the 1960s, car tracking, Baldwin steam engine since 1912, and more.

With its affordable exhibitions and free admission, the Cookeville Depot Museum attracts budget-conscious visitors.

2. Treat Yourself to Comfort Food at Seven Senses Food & Cheer

Seven Senses Food & Cheer is one of the best restaurants in town. This place is famous for serving real South American cuisine.

All of these dishes are served with new local ingredients. This restaurant is a great place for lunch or dinner.

With its wide menu and a nice collection of sides like salads, tacos, lean chicken wings, fried cucumbers, sandwiches, burgers, and much more, this place is a great hit.

The main courses of the restaurant are equally popular and will make you want to order more of everything.

With culturally rich food and welcoming staff, Seven Senses Food and Cheer is a great place to find satisfying food.

3. Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville, Tennessee

If you love to explore underground worlds, and if you are a lover of caves, then Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville should be on your to-do list.

With more than 30 miles of underground exploration sites, many people opt for Discovery Walking Tours, which are held hourly.

On this trip, you can expect to easily walk down the entrance to the cave using beautiful wood, and the path inside the cave itself is easy to measure.

The tour brings you to some of the most famous and easily accessible cave sections with attractive buildings, the Volcano Room and its large, precious chandelier (they have concerts, dinners, and weddings in this room), and, of course, an underground waterfall.

The origin of the waterfall has never been found – we hope they have tried – which makes the cave even more mysterious.

Cool Places To Visit In Cookeville Tn

1. Burgess Falls State Park Sparta

Walking in the majestic Upper Cumberland is a memorable experience.

You will see beautiful views of the three waterfalls, as well as the Falling River.

The park allows for camping but does not allow for any type of building or construction.

There are many waterfalls here, and there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Walking near Burgess State Park is very difficult due to the crossing of many rivers.

This route is considered one of the most difficult mountains in the area.

Be careful when climbing a mountain there because crossing a stream may not be possible. Check the weather report before you leave.

2. Outdoor Experience

To enjoy the outdoor recreation in Cookeville, Tennessee, you should check out the outdoor experience.

You can buy outdoor equipment and gear there.

The store has hiking boots, kayaks, boats, hiking boots, fishing gear, and hiking equipment.

There are many adventure-based activities available in the city. This place is surrounded by a variety of interesting, fun spots like the Arcade, Museum, and Theater.

3. Wildwood Stables

Wildwood Stables offers a great horseback riding experience.

The scenery is good and beautiful. The horses are quiet and quiet.

This place offers many other amenities such as dinner and carriage rides. You can ride with them even if you are a new passenger.


Cookeville is an attractive place with a lot to offer.

Located east of Nashville and full of natural beauty and beautiful views, the city has many parks, beautiful waterfalls, and spectacular art exhibitions.

Take a break to enjoy all that this city has to offer by exploring this to-do list in Cookeville, Tennessee!

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