27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Loveland CO

Looking for the best and most fun things to do in Loveland, CO, this city certainly has some interesting places and activities to make your vacation here profitable.

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Loveland, CO is located in north-central Colorado between Fort Collins and Denver. This city offers a slower life compared to the two surrounding cities.

For a long time, it has ranked high among the most populous cities in the region, with a beautiful city that prides itself on weekly art events during warmer seasons and is full of old-style buildings.

Visitors should expect to receive a warm welcome from the back of the mountain, as well as the remarkable landscapes, cultures, and attractions of history.

Fun Things To Do In Loveland CO

1. Have Fun at Flatiron Reservoir

Located northwest of Carter Lake is Flatiron Reservoir. It is about 5,500 feet [5,500 m] high and contains 47 acres of water located on an area of ​​200 hectares of public land.

The lake aims to divert water from the western slope to the eastern slope for hydropower, irrigation, and drinking.

However, guests are invited to use these places for other forms of recreation, including but not limited to boating, hiking, fishing, picnics, camping, swimming, and more.

Flatiron Reservoir gives you a treat you will always remember, and you can save a camping site if you like.

2. Relax at Henry’s Pub

Henry’s Pub is a friendly place that welcomes guests to dine with family, spend time after work, or meet friends.

It is designed so that its meeting place can accommodate all kinds of conversations, whether guests are looking for entertainment, food, drink, or all three.

The staff is well aware of this atmosphere and provides for their involvement to balance, and the combination of fresh food prepared daily sets you up as a restaurant to eat.

You can enjoy great dishes from the weekly lunch specials to the best dining options and even a hand-picked variety of handmade beer at the tap to end your visit.

3. Take a Horse Ride At Lucky Three Ranch

Meredith Hodges, a well-known trainer and complete lover of horses, founded the Lucky Three Ranch.

Visiting this range is another exciting thing to do in Loveland.

Lucky Three Ranch is a zoo, training center, and everything about donkeys and long ears and mules.

Visitors cannot access the farm itself without a visit because it is an active farm and cannot accommodate pedestrians.

You are welcome, however, to book a tour with your team or friends.

The tour season begins between January and October, and you should make your reservation ten days or more in order to ensure availability.

Things To Do In Loveland CO At Night

1. Visit Chapungu Sculpture Park

Covering 26 hectares, Chapungu Sculpture Park has more than 80 stone sculptures.

The park is an eternal outdoor exhibition featuring the view of the traditional African family, and throughout the park, visitors can enjoy eight international themes designed to enjoy themselves.

All the sculptures are designed to help the viewer realize the importance of family in African culture, and all are handmade using stone from Zimbabwe.

Opening time is 6 am to 10 pm daily, and admission is free.

The trails run smoothly with the stroller and wheelchair, and you can take advantage of the various events held throughout the year.

These events highlight the value of the Eagle Paint Park, and you will not want to miss it.

2. Drink Sweet Wine at Sweet Heart Winery

It doesn’t really matter what week of the day is; Sweet Heart Winery offers guests the opportunity to enjoy fine wines.

They are probably open and ready to help visitors increase their demand for Loveland wines.

With a variety of flavor options available for one glass, airplanes, home bottles, and even special pears, Sweet Heart Winery has no options that will keep almost every visitor happy.

The tasting room is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, near the river.

This combination creates a cool feeling of wine testing by attracting multiple sensors at the same time.

Check out this wine company as it adds to the list of top attractions in Loveland.

3. Loveland Laser Tag

One place they want to have fun, whether alone, with children, or with family, would love to be the Loveland Laser Tag.

It is rated as one of the largest laser tag fields in North Colorado.

Loveland Laser Tag offers the ultimate laser tag experience and has everything you need to keep guests happy all day long.

Most notable is the 5,700-square-meter laser tag platform, made up of three levels. However, some interesting aspects cannot be ignored.

It includes a challenging wall rider, a virtual reality arcade, big cars, an indoor touring course, an advanced 4-D theater, and a basic arcade.

This makes what you have to do in Loveland, CO, add to your Loveland job list.

Things To Do In Loveland CO For Couples

1. Loveland Visitor’s Center

As a first-time visitor, you will not have to spend hours online looking for places to go and things to see and do in Loveland, thanks to the Loveland Tourist Center.

A lot of hard work is already done for you, and they are all available for free at this facility.

Loveland Visitor’s Center is located at Stone Creek Circle.

Available here are maps and travel magazines at the center, and they are available free of charge.

Aside from the many great ideas for activities, many of them contain accessibility coupons that offer a variety of features such as hotels, food, and popular activities.

You can also buy for sale by local artists and entrepreneurs at the center.

2. Take a Trip To Pinewood Reservoir

If you are in Loveland and want to get quick access to the nearby Rocky Mountains, Pinewood Reservoir is a great choice for day trips and even night trips.

Located west of Carter Lake, Pinewood Reservoir contains approximately 100 hectares of water. And this water boy is surrounded by about 330 hectares of public space.

The lake is 6,580 feet high and offers access to boats, cycling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, and more.

Visitors should be aware that camping areas are often filled quickly, so it is highly recommended that one book be booked in advance.

Do well by adding a visit to Pinewood Reservoir to your checklist for activities in Loveland, CO.

3. Shop at Outlets at Loveland

An exciting thing about shopping in the Outlets of Loveland is the unique Rocky Mountains area that welcomes shoppers as they walk down the aisles of the mall.

With more than forty brand name stores like Gymboree, Ann Taylor, Coach, Under Armor, J.Crew, Nike, and many more, you are sure to find something for all ages.

Loveland stores can be easily accessible and easy to buy.

You can also hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains whether it is a shopping day or not.

Don’t forget to take your VIP Savings Card to Customer Service to access offers that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Things To Do In Loveland CO For Kids

1. Take the kids to Zippity Zoo Barnyard

Zippity Zoo Barnyard stands out as a breeding and caring farm for Alpacas. The farm is open to the public during certain events.

Zippity Zoo Barnyard was founded primarily to teach local children about farm life through school trips.

However, during the Zippity Boo Pumpkin Patch October and Kids Mornings on the Farm events, the public is invited to see Alpacas and other animals.

For more than a decade, Zippity Zoo Barnyard has been part of the Bradbury family, and by 2021, it will be celebrating 15 years of existence.

The farm does not have a complete belief that sign language is important for children to learn about animals,

So, this great site makes a list of fun things to do in Loveland

2. Ride Fort Collins Trolley

Fort Collins is a historic city that combines a variety of attractions, both educational and entertaining.

A simple drive for those living in Loveland and the scenery can make a person spend an entire day unnoticed.

Currently, the municipal railway company in the city now uses a refurbished streetcar that traverses the city center in the summer.

It lasts about 30 minutes, and the ride on the trailer gives people (both locals and tourists) a special way to see the local historical sites.

They have a staff of volunteers who provide fun tips on local realities, cultures, and history along the way.

The season starts in May and continues in September. Working is on Saturdays and Sundays only.

This makes what you have to do in Loveland, CO.

3. Have Fun at Fairgrounds Park

Fairgrounds Park is the city’s largest recreational park opened in 1908. Provides a number of sports-related activities.

This municipal park in St. Louis was previously a private center, used by St. Louis. Louis Exposition (1856 – 1902) by St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association.

The park covers 131.46 hectares and is one of the top attractions in Loveland.

Fairgrounds Park allows dog owners to take their pets to designated dog walks, according to the Parks & Recreation Division Dogs Policy.

There are a few facilities here, including soccer fields, volleyball stadiums, netball/hockey rink, youth baseball stadium, pavilions, dog park, toys, toilets, and walkways.

Doing what you have to do in Loveland, CO, will make for a fun addition to your list of buckets of places you can visit in Loveland, CO.

Indoor Activities To Do In Loveland CO For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Stop By Lincoln Gallery

The Lincoln Gallery is located in the beautiful city of Loveland and makes a list of the top places you can visit in Loveland.

This gallery is owned and operated by the Thompson Valley Art League – Colorado’s oldest Art League.

The gallery focuses on allowing local artists to showcase their work while making local, authentic art available for purchase by the local Loveland community.

At the Lincoln Gallery, you will see circular art on display.

However, guests are expecting art related to Watercolor Painting, Fiber Art, Jewelry, Acrylic Painting, Oil Paintings, Photography, and Ceramics.

2.  See a Movie at Rialto Theater Center

The Rialto Theater Center focuses on the depth of the city’s rich history and is a great place to visit for movie and theater information.

Initially, the theater was built in 1919. It opened in 1920 with the silent film Zane Gray’s Desert of Wheat.

At the opening time, buying a theater ticket costs only 10-35 cents per show; however, this is likely to change with time.

Now, the theater has modern lighting and sound system and contains 446 seats combined with wheelchairs.

Theater does a great job of showcasing its history by inviting guests to watch a private film every month.

In addition to the movies, the theater usually hosts international actors and is available for hire.

So, do well by adding it to your checklist of things you can do in Loveland.

3. Enjoy a beer at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is a local favorite that often has its own taproom full of beer lovers from Loveland and a large Colorado area.

Over time, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has been one of the top attractions in Loveland as they distinguish themselves from other local breweries by getting brewing roots.

The 10-barrel brewery finds inspiration in the old beers that once filled pubs in Europe and Germany.

The center operates German beer, and guests can take the beer home with bags, 12oz cans, and 22oz bombs.

You can visit the taproom on any day of the week, although the time varies. Monday – Thursday (1pm – 9pm), Friday / Saturday (12pm – 9pm), and Sunday (1pm – 7pm).

Romantic Things To Do In Loveland CO

1. See Arts at Loveland Museum/Gallery

Held in high esteem not just in Loveland but also in North Colorado, Loveland Museum is the only American Alliance of Museums museum in the region.

This prestigious award has been accepted by less than 5% of museums nationwide.

Originally, the Loveland Museum and Gallery was founded in 1937 by Harold Dunning, author, curator, local author, and mountaineering guide.

Dunning started by collecting pioneer artifacts, but that soon escalated into a collection that is on display in the museum today.

The museum offers both adult and children’s programs, poetry readings, and local art exhibitions centered around the area that is in addition to the exhibitions,

2. Eat at Mo’ Betta Gumbo

What’s more exciting than finding a place that satisfies your taste wish whilst in Loveland.

Mo’ Betta Gumbo does just that as it is rooted in the South’s traditional values ​​of kindness, hospitality, and warmth.

Its founder grew up in the South, and after 25 years in the food industry, he decided to leave Colorado.

The arrival of Mo’ Betta Gumbo meant that retirement was postponed because it became the basis for air space, special meals, and regular moonlight.

Also, there are plenty of options for people with dietary restrictions to enjoy, vegetables gluten-free, no nuts, less salt, and more.

3. Go Fishing At River’s Edge Natural Area

Another interesting place in Loveland, Colorado, is River’s Edge Natural Area.

Throughout the year, this 163-acre natural area has regular hours ranging from 6 am down to 10:30 pm daily.

Although toilets are open from time to time, there are toilets that are open year-round during normal hours, making access to this area an ideal place to escape at any time of the season.

There are 3.8 miles of overhead trails available for you to explore on foot or by bike, with the exception of five lakes, which offer a collection of fishing spots.

In addition to natural attractions, the River’s Edge Natural Area has descriptive landmarks, a theater, and even a swampy road, allowing visitors to take a closer look at the lake’s biosphere.

Be sure to add River’s Edge Natural Area to your list of top things to do in Loveland.

Free Things To Do In Loveland CO

1. Hike and Bike at Devil’s Backbone Open Space

One of Loveland’s most popular routes is Devil’s Backbone Open Space. This adds to the list of top attractions you can see in Loveland.

Being at home in this beautiful place gives you the opportunity to experience cycling, horseback riding, mountaineering, and often spending quality time outdoors.

Devil’s Backbone Open Space occupies 2,198 hectares and offers unparalleled views of Loveland.

It is a hub of more than 12 miles of trails connected between Rimrock and Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.

You can easily find drinking water in the main area, but visiting outdoor enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to bring plenty of water to the park for their adventures.

Access to the park is free, and it is open from dusk until dawn.

2. Attend the Art in the Park Loveland

This is the longest continuous art festival in the province for those who know it.

The festival attracts crowds of artists and art lovers from far and wide and adds to the Loveland list of the best things to do.

The historical event in Loveland has been going on for almost fifty years now, yet it still stands strong.

Every year, hundreds of artists come to participate in their official art competition.

There are several opportunities offered to young and old alike for this event.

You get to meet artists, delicious food, and a beer garden, a great place to relax after standing for hours.

3. Boyd Lake State Park

It is found on the western edge of the famous Longs Peak region. On the plains near Loveland, the park offers plenty of opportunities for recreation.

Perhaps you love water sports, you could go boating, fishing, and swimming, but if you choose to indulge, you can enjoy cycling, mountaineering, hunting, and picnics.

It would be interesting to know that you can use all kinds of water vessels, from boats to ski boats, and more to the lake.

There is a sandy beach where you can relax, in addition to the modern stadium available. This campground has 148 paved drawing areas.

All of these factors make Boyd Lake State Park an exciting thing to do in Loveland.

Cheap Things To Do In Loveland CO

1. Check out Benson Park Sculpture Garden

This Benson Park Sculpture Garden was established in 1984 by a group of five Loveland sculptors and has been transformed into a popular venue.

The first Sculpture exhibition at the park took place in 1984 and featured more than fifty local artists.

After the event, the city realized that this local feature would be a chartbuster by realizing that a unique art costing $ 50,000 had been purchased.

Visitors are invited to walk in the park, enjoying pottery, copper, glass, stone, wood, and other materials.

2. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at Loveland Coffee Company

Many visitors see Colorado as a symbol of the western spirit. Nevertheless, despite the fascinating history and the unusual nature of the situation, you may not be able to see these miracles if you are not able to stay awake.

Available since 2004, Loveland Coffee Company offers something good for tired guests who need caffeine and nutrition.

On their menu are traditional favorites such as latte and cappuccino.

There are wide varieties of delicious and delicious varieties, many of which include chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and caramel.

Like previous guests, you can enjoy comfortable chairs, a chill vibe, and local art that adorns the walls.

3. Checkout the Budweiser Events Center

First opened in 2003, the Budweiser Events Center has a seating capacity of 7,200 and is home to the American

Hockey League team – the Colorado Eagles.

Whenever the Colorado Eagles do not play, the event center is used for many other purposes.

Includes football, rodeos, basketball, live concerts, trade shows, and more.

It would be good to consider the type of programs that may be taking place at the Budweiser Events Center before visiting Loveland.

They happen regularly and vary in the entertainment they offer.

The Budweiser Events Center is not just for sports fans, as various activities can also be held there too.

Cool Places To Visit In Loveland CO

1. Big Beaver Brewing Co

Founded by a great brewing scientist who did not rely on luck to make delicious beer.

Instead, they rely on the Ph.D. in Industrial Microbiology obtained from CSU.

In line with more than twenty-five years of brewing and production of quality products, you can see why this brewery is making a list of the most important things to do in Loveland.

Big Beaver opened in 2010, and since then, it has been a popular community center with its 16 rounds of regular public witnessing.

Everything is done internally with high-quality ingredients, domesticated and imported hops, and no cutoffs.

You can visit the tasting room during the week, although schedule hours vary.

2. Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

As the name suggests, the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area is best known for its bobcat and many other wildlife such as wild turkey, mountain lions, elk, and more.

Visitors to the park have been hired to take advantage of the natural surroundings to view the valley.

You can also bring your binoculars to scattered natural houses throughout the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.

It has very vast trails that stretch the area, and there is also a large parking lot that you can easily access from the main road.

These and other features make the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area one of the most blessed places to visit in Loveland.

3. Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area

From its French name, you may have guessed its origin.

In the early 19th century, the area was first explored by French wool detectives.

Extending over 50 miles, the Cache La Poudre River is a National Heritage Site marking the borders of one of the largest national forests in the area.

The facilities here include modern and historical attractions such as the pioneer era, the discarded warehouse since the ’60s, and the World War II concentration camp.

The heritage site plays various events during the summer months.

These include art exhibitions and crafts, guided cycling, and the annual triathlon.


As you can see, Loveland CO promises a lot of fun activities for its guests. Attractive museums, fascinating parks, historical landmarks, beautiful nature reserves, wine/bars, etc.

Never run out of fun activities in Loveland CO. Whatever the reason for your visit may be, there is something for you.

And also, there is something for everyone, from adults to kids, and of course, family too in Loveland CO.

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