Six of the Best Cities in the World are in Canada

Did you know that six of the best cities in the world are in Canada? Canada is a beautiful country, hence this shouldn’t be a surprise.

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Canada: A Brief Overview

The North American country of Canada is divided into 3 territories and 10 provinces that extend from the Atlantic, down to the Pacific, and up north into the Arctic ocean.

map of Canada

Canada covers a total of 3.85 million square miles (9.98 million square kilometers) of the world’s landmass, making it the second-largest country in the world.

But who would have known that six of the best cities in the world are in Canada?

Immigration to Canada can be achieved through a good range of Canadian immigration programs.

There are over 80 available means through which an individual can choose to immigrate to Canada, some of which include:

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But one other major thing that attracts most people to Canada is its lovely cities

Six of the Best Cities in the World are in Canada

The country of Canada is home to the least 0.5% of the world’s population, but it’s kinda hard to believe that six of the best cities in the world are in Canada.

According to this 2021 World’s Best Cities Report, six of the best cities are in Canada, among the top 100 best cities in the world as referenced by some well-known travel guides, as well as Lonely Planet.

The six best cities in the world that are in Canada include:

  1. Toronto
  2. Vancouver
  3. Montreal
  4. Calgary
  5. Ottawa
  6. Edmonton

#1: Toronto (presently 13th best city in the world, previously 17th)

Toronto ranks the highest among these six cities with a total metro population of roughly 6.2 million people.

The city now ranks as the 13th best city in the world and the biggest city in Canada. Toronto, the capital of the state of Ontario attracts the most tourists both from around the country and around the world.


In fact, there is a lot to be said about this city, a bustling city with over six million people, which is one of the reasons it has earned the top spot on this list.

As Canada’s largest city, it is braced for big things, which is true, believing there are long-term opportunities here formed by immigration and global investment. You can’t mention Toronto without looking at some iconic landmarks such as the:

  • CN tower which was once the world’s tallest structures measured at 1,815 feet.
  • Toronto Island
  • Casa Lona
  • Toronto Zoo

There are world-famous museums also located in Toronto, like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum, and other famous attractions like the Nathan Philips Square and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

#2: Vancouver (ranked 34th, previously on 41st)

Yes! Six of the best cities in the world are in Canada, and Vancouver is definitely one of them…

The city of Vancouver with a metro population of 2.4 million persons can easily be said to be the most beautiful city in the whole of Canada – with mountains to the north, Pacific oceans to the west, and the enormous Stanley Park downtown. 


The city has been named the “best city in the world to live in” more than a few times.

It also boasts of a buzzy cultural life, a rich record of various ethnical restaurants, and a cosmopolitan population. So much thanks to the warm, sunny summers and mild (often wet) winters, whether you are inquisitively exploring the beaches in Kitsilano, wandering the trails of Pacific Spirit Park by the University of British Columbia, or even cycling along the seawall downtown, it’s easy to spend time outdoors all year round in this city.

The Granville Island in the city boasts of its famous market filled with a great quantity of all kinds of goodies. Main Street is a foodie’s paradise with restaurants serving some the of best local dishes.

#3: Montreal (currently ranks 41st, previously 45th)

This is the second-largest city in Canada that accounts for a total metro population of about 3.6 million persons. Montreal is said to be France’s home away from home.

The official language of the city is French and it’s spoken by more than half of the population. Montreal has turned its city into an homage for arts and music and streets into creatively-styled outdoor hangouts for those who love it.

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#4: Calgary (ranked currently as 47th best city in the world, previously 48th)

A city in Canada with a metro population of 1.3 million persons.


As Canada’s energy capital, it’s radiant with other opportunities for business and project, re-establishing good quality of life.

Projects like the recently opened Central Library are the growing cultural heart of the East Village. Still at Calgary, you can do well to hop back in time in view of the Heritage Park Historical Village, or even catch the city views at the revolving restaurant top of the Calgary Tower or still, wander along the Bow River through the 50-acre Prince Island Park.

#5: Ottawa (currently 67th in the world, previously the 77th)

Yes! Six of the best cities in the world are in Canada, and Ottawa is definitely one of them… For a capital city, Ottawa is a small and friendly city with a metro population of about 1 million persons.

The Ottawans are exceptionally intelligent!

Ottawa is popular for the term: “The cosmopolitan capital of Canada has a repute for brainpower that’s drawing the world to its side”.


Ottawa ranks #6 in Educational Attainment with its top 4 highest-ranking universities, Carleton ranks #82 in the world.

The businesses there thrive on knowledge and diversity.

They have everything, from technology to life sciences to digital media, software, and aerospace. The city is also home to some of the best galleries and museums like the Canadian War Museum which explores the history of Canada’s military and the major events and conflicts that forged the country as we do know it today.

There is also the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Museum of Nature, to name a few.

#6: Edmonton (76th presently in the world, previously the 83rd)

This is a city with a metro population of 1.1 million persons and it’s a home to the University of Alberta ranked 59th globally.

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From Fringe theater to street performers, to a growingly important international film festival re-established this position. In this city, there are more than 50 large city-approved events every year.


There are many choices available to settle down in Canada and live a quality, fulfilled life. Although the big cities are usually expensive compared to the smaller cities, so if your choice is actually a small city to live in, you can choose Winnipeg, Brampton, and Hamilton, Halifax, and other best options.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • Did you know that these six best cities in the world are in Canada?
  • Which of the above cities are you going to visit next?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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