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Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) Overview

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) offers a variety of pathways to securing Canadian permanent resident status for foreign nationals who desire to have this broad territory as their home.

Located within the very north of Canada, the Northwest Territories is a broad and delightful wilderness with several thriving small communities.

With approximately 41,000 residents in over a million square kilometres, there’s a constant demand for workers in key sectors like mining, energy, and resources, construction, transport, tourism, et al.

Of all of Canada’s Territories, the Northwest Territories is that the most populated and has its capital as Yellowknife; a crucial administrative, economic, and cultural hub for the world.

Despite its size and remote location, Yellowknife offers a powerful range of academic centres, medical services, and cultural amenities, and has the infrastructure expected of any regular city, including full telecommunications and cellular coverage, an airport, and the only transportation system available in all three territories.

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) is a part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and comprises various immigration pathways that provide an opportunity for individuals of foreign nationality to become Canadian permanent residents.

The NTNP has its aim on workers in skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled occupations through employer-driven immigration streams.

Its business-driven counterpart, on the opposite hand, seeks entrepreneurs and business owners from all sectors to make and establish new businesses within this remote northern region.

Immigration streams functional under this province are divided into three categories which are under listed:

  • Northwest Territories Express Entry
  • Northwest Territories Employer Driven
  • Northwest Territories Business Driven

Northwest Territories Express Entry

This stream gives skilled workers within the federal Express Entry pool the chance to partake in an accelerated permanent residence application.

Candidates must have an employment offer from an eligible Northwest Territories employer.

The Northwest Territories Express Entry stream allows for fresh applications at any time.

To place an application to this stream, candidates who meet the minimum qualifications must create an Express Entry profile.

Once they have been sent an authentic job offer by an employer, both the candidate and their supposed employer must submit the necessary documentation to support their eligibility claims.

Individuals who are successful in placing their applications will receive a nomination from the Northwest Territories.

Upon acceptance of the provincial nomination, the individual’s application Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will increase by 600 points, ultimately guaranteeing they’re going to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the status of permanent residence within the next Express Entry draw.

After receiving an Invitation to apply, the applicant must prepare and submit a formal application for Canadian permanent residence within the designated timeframe.

It usually takes a period of six months for applications submitted for permanent residence submitted through Express Entry to be processed.

Northwest Territories Employer Driven

The Northwest Territories Employer Driven streams offer opportunities to individuals of foreign nationality with experience in occupations classified as National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A, B, C, or D and a full-time, permanent job offer from a professional employer.

Eligible workers of foreign nationality with employment offers from an employer within the Northwest Territories are invited to submit an application for Canadian permanent residence through any of the Employer Driven streams of the Northwest Territories Nomination Program (NTNP).

Both the individual of foreign nationality and their potential employer must meet specific qualifications and participate in the application process.

Subordinate streams operated under the Northwest Territories Employer Driven stream includes all of the following:

  • Northwest Territories Critical Impact Workers
  • Northwest Territories Skilled Workers
  • Northwest Territories Express Entry

Northwest Territories Critical Impact Workers

Individuals of foreign nationality with a minimum of six months’ work experience within the same semi-skilled occupation could also be considered eligible to receive a provincial nomination from the Northwest Territories through the NTNP Critical Impact Worker stream if they will successfully fill a full-time, permanent position in semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations.

Northwest Territories Skilled Workers

Applicants who possess the demanded experience and certification or accreditation for a high-skilled occupation could also be considered eligible for the NTNP trained worker stream, provided they have been sent a full-time, permanent job offer by a qualifying Northwest Territories employer.

Northwest Territories Express Entry

Applicants with an authentic employment offer from an eligible Northwest Territories employer who also meets the eligibility requirements for any of the Federal economic programs managed by Express Entry may take advantage of the advanced Northwest Territories Express Entry stream.

Northwest Territories Business Driven

The Northwest Territories Business Driven streams provide opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs who intend on establishing a fresh business within the Northwest Territories.

While the program accepts applications from all economic sectors, businesses that provide a notable benefit to the Northwest Territories economy, or who introduce a fresh product altogether, will be granted utmost priority when applying for provincial nomination.

Why settle for the Northwest Territories?

Truthfully, the remote location and its environs might not be the first choice of any individual for their new settlement in Canada.

But with such rich opportunities in diverse and exciting industries, this may be a territory that deserves consideration.

In all reality, it can be quite challenging to obtain an employment offer from abroad to work within a more populous province.

However, the Northwest Territories is in great need of talented workers from all parts of the world, and employment offers here could lead on to precisely offering the privilege you and your family are trying to find to work and reside in Canada.

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