Top 10 Cities for Americans Moving to Canada

In recent years, lots of Americans have been moving to Canada, but what Canadian cities are US citizens moving to, and why?

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Distinctive characteristics distinguish and define Canadian cities, big and small, but one common trait they all have is that they are home to rising numbers of Americans moving to Canada.

As an American, if you are looking to pick a Canadian city that best meets your needs and wants, then read on.

What are the Top 10 Canadian cities for Americans

Canadian Cities for Americans

1. Toronto

As Canada’s largest city, and the fourth largest city in North America as regards the population, Toronto is popularly known as the place that has something for everyone.

There is a good standard of life in Toronto, and this has made more Americans in Canada regard Toronto as their home than any other Canadian city. 

Toronto is Canada’s financial center and its financial district is situated downtown, just by the CN Tower.

It also houses lots of North America’s fashion and design houses. And with an extensive public transport system, newcomers to Toronto would soon realize that owning a car becomes an option, rather than a necessity. 

Finally, it is paramount to know that Toronto has one of the most expensive real estate markets in Canada and across the world.

The average price for a two-bed condo around Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is over  $450,000 while renting a one-bedroom apartment would cost you about $2,500 or more monthly, depending on the Toronto neighbourhood.

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2. Vancouver

Situated in the delightful province of British Columbia and some 50 kilometers north of the US border, Vancouver is Canadas third biggest city and is only second to Toronto as regards US-born residents. 

Over the years, it has become a magnet for lots of young and ambitious Americans moving to Canada with an eye for adventure. 

The fusion of a flourishing film and visual effects industry with a magnificent mountain and ocean landscape and an unlimited range of outdoor activities has made it one of the distinctive Canadian cities to live and work in.

From Stanley Park to Granville Island to the North-shore Mountains, there are lots of stuff to see and do in Vancouver.

Unlike most other Canadian cities, Vancouver has a proportionately temperate climate, this means rain is common, mostly from October to March.

Fortunately, you can avoid lots of the downpours by frequently using the city’s Skytrain or extensive bus and ferry networks. Just like in Toronto, one disadvantage of living in Vancouver is the price of renting or buying properties.

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3. Montreal

Montreal, Quebec is the fourth biggest French-speaking city in the world after Kinshasa, Paris, and Abidjan, and it ranked in the top three cities for the number of Americans moving to Canada.

By 2016, about 18,000 Americans regarded Montreal as their permanent residence, with many more Americans relishing life in Montreal as either students or temporary workers.

As the second biggest city in Canada, Montreal is a diverse, bilingual, and multicultural center that is frequently referred to as the cultural capital of Canada.

It also houses some of the world’s foremost aerospace, pharmaceutical, and visual effects companies.

Montreal is a densely populated Canadian city, and as a result, has an extensive underground light rail system and bus service to match the needs of its four million plus residents who live in the broader metropolitan area.

As regards things to do and places to chill in Montreal, there are lots of options to pick from, including Place Des Arts, Old Montreal, La Ronde, and Biodome Montreal.

Dissimilar to Toronto and Vancouver, renting and buying properties in Montreal is relatively reasonable.

As of July 2021, the average price for renting a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal was $1,200, though great apartments in lots of neighbourhoods can be rented at a lower rate.

4. Calgary

Situated on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has some of the most breathtaking views in North America right on its doorstep, it is also the sunniest city in Canada, and one of the youngest.

All that sunshine and youth has assisted in making Calgary the 4th most livable city globally, according to The Economist’s 2018 Global Liveability Index.

As of 2016, over 12,100 Americans called Calgary their permanent home, with much more Americans as students and workers

Calgary, and Alberta, houses 95% of Canada’s oil reserves. For that reason, jobs in construction, mining, engineering, and lots of other relating industries thrive in the province’s biggest city.

The stretched nature of its layout means that owning a car should be taken into consideration, after all, it’s a driving city. The average price of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Calgary is about $1,200.

5. Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada’s multicultural capital city, is mostly underrated, nevertheless, it’s a great place for Americans moving to Canada who’re searching for a place where history and culture embellish almost every street corner. 

Over 9,500 Americans regard Ottawa as their permanent home, and while several are employed in various government positions, Ottawa is also a breeding ground for innovative tech startups, with Shopify starting from here in 2006.

With a population of about a million, Ottawa in the past years had traffic troubles. Fortunately, the Confederation Line light-rail system was launched in 2019, helping residents in lots of Ottawa neighborhoods to mitigate the troubles.

The cost of real estate in Ottawa is high and rising higher. This is exemplified by a 3.4% rise in prices from 2019 to 2020.

6. Victoria

Situated on the charming Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Victoria has a population of 370,000 and is a magnet for Americans moving to Canada.

Mostly when they’re searching for a slower pace of life surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Victoria is an environmentally friendly and developing city that is permanently home to over 6,200 Americans.

If you are searching for a job in Victoria, then the tourism and tech sectors are the two best bets.

Just like the provincial capital of British Columbia, Victoria is also a government city that draws in Americans moving to Canada with a political or media-related background.

7. Windsor

Windsor, Ontario might look like a shocking destination for top Canadian cities for American migrants, but the reality is that its closeness to the United States, and Detroit specifically, made it a perfect location for Americans moving to Canada.

As of 2016, over 6,000 Americans were residing in Windsor as permanent residents or dual citizens.

Windsor offers Americans moving to Canada a small dense downtown that could be easily navigated.

It also houses the University of Windsor and some tech startups exploiting the cheaper commercial rental rates.

Public transport is greatly unreliable in Windsor, but the relatively low price of rent makes it an affordable place to call home.

8. Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and the sports-loving city is also home to a rising number of Americans. Located close to the popular Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains.

It’s regarded as the most northerly major city in North America, with a metropolitan area that houses more than a million people, it shouldn’t surprise you that over 8,600 Americans are settled there.

Edmonton is an employment center for northern and central Alberta, as the oil and gas industries are among the largest employers in the region.

Its residents also have the highest average income in Canada, assisted further by the affordable costs of rent, and also the low tax rates by Canadian standards. 

Edmonton is also a driving city, so you really need a car, as public transit isn’t reliable. Many of the attractions are outside of the city’s core.

9. Hamilton

Hamilton has been stepping out of Toronto’s shadow in recent years and has shown how paramount a city it is in its own right.

By 2016, there were 5,700 Americans permanently residing in Hamilton, out of a total population of approximately 536,000 residents.

Hamilton houses a modern transit system locally known as the Hamilton Street Railway, and there is also a comprehensive network of bike paths.

In terms of renting costs, Hamilton is way cheaper than Toronto, it’s a bigger and more eminent neighbor on Lake Ontario.

The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Hamilton is about $1,000 monthly.

Manufacturing, medical and tertiary education are three of the biggest employers of labor in Hamilton.

10. Winnipeg

Situated in the foremost province of Manitoba, as regards Canadian cities there aren’t much more central than Winnipeg. 

It’s the provincial capital of Manitoba, and government jobs are abundant in Winnipeg.

Public transit is pretty unreliable in Winnipeg, meaning that owning a car is more of a necessity than it may be in other cities like Toronto or Montreal.

With a 725,000 population, almost 4,500 of whom are Americans who’re permanent residents, Winnipeg is the ideal mid-sized city for Americans moving to Canada in search of something different.

The average price for owning a house in Winnipeg is approximately $300,000.


Here you have it, the 10 best cities for Americans moving to Canada. We believe this article was helpful to you, if you think so too, ensure to share across your social media platforms.

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